DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

I have used essential oils for over 25 years to keep my family and me healthy, and recently my kids have taken an interest in learning how and why they work so well. Since following the kids’ interests is an integral component of our homeschool, we’ve been using oils in crafts and make-your-own products lately, all while learning what each oil does. This essential oil diffuser necklace was an easy and fun start to our study.

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

Diffusing is one of the fundamental ways to use essential oils. Inhaling sends the airborne oil molecules in through the nose where it meets the olfactory system, and interacts with the organs associated with that system, and then travels almost immediately to the brain.

Inhaled oils can affect the body through multiple pathways and systems at one time. Powerful stuff…

I use a diffuser in my family room and my kids have their own “night light” diffusers in their bedrooms, a terra cotta {or similar} necklace is a great way to keep the benefits of an oil or blend nearby all day so you can reap their benefits.

I like to hang one from my rearview mirror in the van and add a few drops of peppermint to keep me focused for long road trips, and my ADHD son adds lavender, vetiver, and cedarwood to his to help him focus during his school work.

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

In fact, these are so easy, I made them with a class of kids at our homeschool co-op, and we mixed a blend of calming and focusing oils for them to use at home. It was a lot of fun, and the essential oil diffuser necklaces are easily customized.


You’ll need:


Cover your surface because the clay stains a little bit. We rolled our necklaces out on a white counter top at the church where our homeschool co-op is held, and while the stains eventually did come out of the counter top, it took a lot of scrubbing – so learn from my mistake.

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

Grab a chunk of the clay and roll it out so it’s about 1/4” thick. Cut out a small-ish shape {we’ve made circles, ovals, and flowers} with a cookie cutter. Decorate the pendant with clay stamps or make textured shapes with your finger tips or other cookie cutters, and use a straw or skewer to poke a hole for the cording at the top of the pendant.

Each time we’ve made these, we’ve made several each. They’re easy and fun.

When you’re done cutting them out, place them on a tray and set them in a safe place for a few days. The air dry clay can take anywhere from 1-3 days {or more} to dry, depending on the thickness of the clay and the humidity in your home.

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces

Once the pendant is completely dry, cut the cording so it’s a comfortable length for you to wear around your neck, hang from the rearview mirror, or for your child. Loop the cording through the hole in the pendant and tie it tightly.

Put a few drops of your favorite oil in the center of the essential oil diffuser necklace, let it soak in, and then put it on and enjoy the benefits.