Why You Should Attend a Homeschool Convention

Homeschool convention season is upon us and I am so excited to be back with Great Homeschool Conventions! I’ll have all-new talks to share, exciting new stuff happening in my booth, and I always love seeing the faces of new friends and old ones. It’s always such a great time when I get a chance to talk with other parents of differently-wired kiddos. I know I’ll finish the weekend tired, but fulfilled and with a renewed passion for educating my kids, with many new friends… and even more memories!

I know why I love attending GHC. You may be wondering, though, why you should.

why you should attend a homeschool convention


You may have found the perfect program, the most incredible curriculum, you may have a strong support system, or you may just want to stay in for the weekend and eat chocolate in the closet when the kids go to bed. Great Homeschool Conventions, though, have so much to offer beyond just shopping for next year’s handwriting program, and  you should definitely come to one!

Here’s why:

You get to meet me! Okay, more like I get to meet YOU. I have readers from all over and absolutely love getting to put faces and hugs with the names I see so frequently.  I always have chocolate in my booth ready to share and listening ears ready to understand.

The brand-new, never-seen-before Mom to Mom Panel. This is one of the most exciting and beneficial things to experience at GHC this year! Pam Barnhill, Sarah Mackenzie, and I will be forming a panel to answer your questions! With 12 kids between us ranging from preschool to high school, we’ve got a foot in every lane of homeschooling. We’ll be settling in (with chocolate, prizes, and music) to share our experience, thoughst, and laughs as we take your questions and offer all the help 3 moms-in-the-trenches can give you — think of it as a moms night in with three good friends. You’ll have a blast and leave feeling refreshed!

The Homeschool Help Desk will be there for YOU. The Homeschool Help Desk is a group Pam and I formed to help YOU, the struggling homeschooler, the veteran homeschooler, the new homeschooler, the reluctant homeschooler… If you’ve got homeschooling questions, Pam and I will be there, together, to chat, offer insight, help, and direction. This is another brand-new addition to GHC  this year and I am so thrilled to be a part of something that will help so many families!

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All new talks! I will be giving brand-new talks this year during GHC and am so excited about them. Giftedness: Misunderstood and MisdiagnosedSmart Underachievers: Reigniting a Love of Learning, and When Worry Overwhelms: Helping Your Smart & Anxious Child are topics that are sure to resonate with you, the parent of a gifted or differently-wired child. Empowering and encouraging a room full of parents who are facing the same struggles is one of the best parts of my job, and I can’t wait to share the discussion with you. 

Meeting other parents who get it. Parenting differently-wired kiddos is not easy. It’s exhausting and isolating, and can be so difficult to find someone else to share in the adventure with. The Raising Lifelong Learners booth is almost always full of moms hugging, crying, laughing, all sharing and understanding the very unique needs and struggles we face in parenting and educating our gifted and twice-exceptional kids.

Building your community and expanding your support group is definitely the cherry on top of a fantastic weekend.

Yes, you can also shop for curriculum and hear other speakers. There will be vendors and speakers from all over the country representing dozens of styles and methods. You’ll be able to flip through a workbook you’ve had your eye on, ask questions about that Latin program and discuss it with the representatives of the actual company, and even discover new gems you didn’t know were out there. GHC is about far more than just shopping, though, and you’ll find even more workshops and opportunities to grow yourself, not just your book collection. Speakers brought in to share the latest in educational research, special needs issues, family dynamics, and more mean you can go home prepared and empowered.  Attending GHC is as much an investment in yourself as it is your children’s education!

There’s almost too much to take in during just three days. I can’t wait to meet you, hug you, and watch you leave with a refreshed and ready smile on your face. This year’s conventions have so many new and exciting things to offer, that you’ll definitely want to be a part of it all. See you soon!