Books to Help Kids Who Worry

Helping kids who worry can be a challenge. Thinking BIG thoughts can become overwhelming for smart kiddos who are still little. It can lead to kids missing out on activities like school, play dates, classes, and co-ops, and it can even sneak its way into bedtime. To help, I’ve put together a list of books to help kids who worry.

Books to Help Kids Who Worry~Helping kids who worry can be a challenge. Thinking BIG thoughts can become overwhelming for smart kids who are still little. Here are some books to help...


There is a little bit of everything on this list. You will find a few guides that can help both kids and parents as well as some silly stories to put worries into perspective. There are also coping skills that can be taught at a very early age to help kids learn that those anxious feelings do not have to get in their way.


Books to Help Kid Who Worry

What to Do When You Worry Too Much: This guide helps kids learn coping skills when they are dealing with anxiety. It teaches them about steps they can take to overcome the anxiety as well as ways to help them deal with their overwhelming feelings.

Worry, Worry Go Away: This book is full of elves that help kids learn how to beat those anxious feelings.

David and the Worry Beast: Learn how to conquer fears in this story about David, a little boy who worries a lot.

Rainy Day: This is the perfect book for kids who are about to start preschool. It gives them an idea on what to expect during this exciting time.




A Boy and a Bear: With a little imagination, kids can help calm their worries. This story shows them just how to do that.

Wemberly Worried: Poor little mouse worries about everything… from spilling to shrinking while taking a bath. Things start to look up when she finds a friend who worries just as much as she does.

Frankie’s Foibles: A clever story about a boy who learns how to get rid of the worries in his head.

The Very Worried Sparrow: Even birds can worry a little too much.



Breathe, Chill: This book is full of ideas and techniques to help teach children about meditation and a little bit of relaxation.

Is a Worry Worrying You?: A clever twist on how worry can creep into your day… along with some techniques to keep the worry away.

What to Do When You’re Scared and Worried: This book gives kids realistic ways to overcome their worries and fears.

Don’t Feed the Worry Bug!: I love this rhyming story about a monster who knows exactly what he needs to do to get rid of his worries.



Koby The Little Blue Kangaroo Who Worried All Day: Follow Koby as he discovers that worrying never makes anything better.

The Worrywarts: On the brink of an adventure, Wombat, Weasel, and Woodchuck, start to worry about what could happen on their journey.

The Huge Bag of Worries: Kids will learn how to ask someone for help when they are overwhelmed with worry.

The Invisible String: If you have kids who worry while you are away, this is the perfect book for them. The theory of the invisible string will give them enough courage to enjoy their day even when parents are away.

Scaredies Away!: This books offer easy to use techniques that can help take those worries away.



These books offer a few different angles to tackle the worries that kids experience. It might take a couple of attempts to find the tactic that works for your kiddo, but once you find a way to help them, it will be all worth your while. There is nothing worse than watching your kid worry. For some kids, once that worry sets in, it can be almost impossible to shake. All of these books offer solutions to kids that are easy and logical for them to understand. For parents, I recommend this book; Helping Your Anxious Child.

I hope these books to help kids who worry can bring some calm and comfort into your home. Please feel free to share any of your favorite books or calming techniques with everyone in the comments.

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Books to Help Kids Who Worry

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