Bring Joy Into Homeschool Day

Bring Joy Into Your Homeschool Day

Is homeschooling what you thought it would be? When you made the decision to homeschool – whether that was from the first little flutter in your belly, or the when you realized your first grader was losing his love of learning – what did you picture?

Bring Joy Into Homeschool Day

Did you picture sitting around the table, sipping your coffee while your little ones were happily engaged in lessons for the day? Did you picture a joy filled day, where you’d learn and love alongside your kiddos?  Are your days reflective of your imaginings?


Let me help. Mine aren’t always joy-filled either, and I struggle to keep my perspective. I try to remember that I’m not homeschooling these little ones to check off every subject and every topic, but rather to build well-rounded thinkers who can go onto be be kind world-changers.

I have some strategies that help me to bring joy into my homeschool day when I’m feeling tired, overwhelmed, and like it’s not all worth it. Maybe they’ll help you.


Think about the things that will bring joy to you.

I love coffee and quiet. If I can eek out a little time each day when the kids are occupied to have a cup of hot coffee, and sit alone for a few minutes, I am so much happier. And, if I’m happy, the kids are happy, too.

With four kids, it’s often difficult to find that alone time, but it’s so important. Recharging might mean something different to you. If you don’t need alone time, then find something else. Go for a walk, listen to some music, dance… whatever works for you – whatever will bring you joy.


Bring Joy Into Homeschool Day

Think about what will bring joy to your kids.

Every child is different. Some need time to talk {and talk and talk and talk…}. Others feel love through small gifts and time spent together. Figure out what brings joy to your kids and try to work it in regularly.

You can let your talker tell you everything he learned while reading his history book. Forget about having him write it down – talking brings him happiness. Let him TELL you what he’s learned.


Remember why you are homeschooling.

There are days that I look at the bus going by in the morning and wish I had made a different decision. All that time I’d have during the day to run errands, clean the house, meal plan and prep, and get my work done… It’s such a nice dream.

But, then I remember the look on my son’s face when he told me that he’d never be a good kid because he couldn’t even have a perfect behavior week on a two-day week. And I’m thankful we made the hard decision to pull him out of public school to homeschool him.

Public school just isn’t the right fit for him, and I’m glad that we have the ability to try something that works better for our family.


Bring Joy Into Homeschool Day

Change things up a little.

Sometimes we feel down as homeschool moms because curriculums and routines aren’t working as well as they did in the past. Take a few days to reevaluate what you’re doing and why.

Maybe you need to do your school in the afternoon so you can get an easier start to your day. That science curriculum might be a problem – try something different for awhile. You can always pick it back up later.

Talk to your kids to find out what they think is working and what they think isn’t. Take their suggestions into account and try to make some of the changes they suggest.


Do something to renew your homeschool vision.

When I need to get myself going again, I like to read books, take classes, and listen to podcasts. I learn from them, get inspired, and recharge.

What other suggestions do you have for bringing joy back into your homeschool?I’d love to hear them!