Raising Creative Kids - DIY Craft Kits #IMACoolMaker #CG

Raising Creative Kids | DIY Craft Kits

Inspiring creativity in kids is important to me. I’m often pulling out open-ended craft and play supplies, and leaving them available to the kids throughout the day, hoping they’ll come up with fun things to do with the materials. I’m often surprised at the fantastic results.

But sometimes, I’m just not feeling all that creative myself, but want them still to have opportunities to use their imaginations.

Raising Creative Kids - DIY Craft Kits #IMACoolMaker #CG


I love having craft kits on hand to inspire creativity in my kids when I just can’t pull together an idea of my own, or don’t want every pom pom and glue bottle spread around the house. Or when I just need a few moments to myself.

Cool Brands kits by Spin Master are adorable and fun to keep on the shelf for your crafty girls to use. We recently tried out the Text Cool™ bracelet-making kit.

Raising Creative Kids - DIY Craft Kits #IMACoolMaker #CG


And my girls spent HOURS making the cutest bracelets ever. They were like a throw back to my childhood and a sign of the times all at once. The bracelet maker has two stamping discs that you run the bracelet tape through – just like the old plastic tape label maker of my childhood. One disc has the alphabet so kids can punch out any message they want to. The other is where my label maker gets modern… the second disc is filled with emoticons, which made my creative eight year old’s eyes light up.

She had a blast.

Raising Creative Kids - DIY Craft Kits #IMACoolMaker #CG


We’re also looking forward to trying out the Knit’s Cool™ knitting kit. Molly has been taking a knitting class, and is looking forward to continuing to improve her skills. While I want her to keep learning and using her knitting needles, because I think it’ll be a great skill to have in the future, the kit is a fun way to knit easily.

Sometimes easy keeps a kiddo motivated to keep trying the difficult.

Raising Creative Kids - DIY Craft Kits #IMACoolMaker #CG


Scarves, gloves, and headbands from the Knit’s Cool™ knitting kit and bracelets from the Text Cool™ bracelet-making kit would make fun DIY gifts for kids to give their friends for holidays, birthdays, and other special events. Check the Cool Brands craft kits out the next time you’re in Walmart, Target, or out doing your shopping at other major retailers. I saw them this past weekend at Michaels.

Do you keep craft kits on hand for your kiddos? What are some of your favorites?

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