DIY Upcycled SunnyD Bottle Bowling Game Craft #WhereFunBegins #ad

DIY Upcycled SunnyD Bottle Bowling Game

My kids love crafting with recycled materials, so I was thrilled to have the chance to participate in the #WhereFunBegins campaign compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All projects, crafts, opinions, and cute little helpers are mine alone.

If you’re anything like us, spring and summer are busy and you’re always on the go. Depending on the day, night, and time of day, we might be heading out on a day trip to the zoo, a t-ball game, or to wait at the park for theater classes to end. I love bringing along games, toys, and activities that are fun – and ones I don’t mind losing if they don’t make it back into the van.

This DIY bowling game is perfect.

DIY Upcycled SunnyD Bottle Bowling Game Craft #WhereFunBegins #ad PIN

Do you remember drinking SunnyD as a kid? I loved the tangy taste – similar to orange juice, but with a fun zing from the mixture of flavors. I was excited to hear that Sam’s Club carried 24-packs of the single serve 6.75oz bottles. Now my kids can enjoy it, too.

Right in the refrigerated juice section, and on rollback through the end of the summer, it was a no-brainer to pick up a few packs to have on hand for games and outings – and the bottles are the perfect size and shape for fun crafts. Check out all the adorable ideas at You’ll be inspired for days!

But first, you’ll need to grab a few packages of SunnyD from your local Sam’s Club:

DIY Upcycled SunnyD Bottle Bowling Game Craft #WhereFunBegins #ad PIN

We grabbed a few packs when we were there last weekend, and headed home to do some yard work. While we all worked up a sweat in the backyard, I tried to think about something fun to make out of all those empty bottles we’d have leftover as soon we raided those ice-cold bottles.

Since our poor toddler is always tagging along with his big siblings to their games, concerts, and classes, I wanted to make a fun toy for him that we could bring along with us wherever we go. Bowling was perfect for waiting for T-ball games to end!

Are you ready to make your own?

Grab 6-10 empty, scrubbed, and dried SunnyD bottles, some washi tape {we used two different shades of blue and a superhero words pattern}, and a whiffle ball.

DIY Upcycled SunnyD Bottle Bowling Game Craft #WhereFunBegins #ad PIN

Decorate the bottles – these will be your kiddo’s pins. Use the tape on your whiffle ball, too. We chose stripes for both the ball and pins, and eventually taped the lids on with a strip of washi tape.

Don’t they look cute?

DIY Upcycled SunnyD Bottle Bowling Game Craft #WhereFunBegins #ad PIN

This is a fun upcycled toy that your toddler will love. Mine did, and took to the driveway right away, totally ignoring the pool he’d been happily splashing in to cool down.

DIY Upcycled SunnyD Bottle Bowling Game Craft #WhereFunBegins #ad PIN

We’ll throw this fun set in a bag and leave it in the back of the van. It’ll be easy to grab, and Isaac can play on the sidelines of his sisters’ T-ball games and at the park while we wait for theater camp to end this summer.

What do you think? Would your little on like a fun DIY upcycled bowling game like this? What other great ideas do you have for using up all those plastic drink bottles this summer? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.

DIY Upcycled SunnyD Bottle Bowling Game Craft #WhereFunBegins #ad PIN