Fun Stuffed Toy For Kids - Dream Frenz Review

Fun Stuffed Toy for Kids | Dream Frenz Review

It’s been a long few weeks around here. My youngest kiddo has struggled with her sensory issues and we’ve had to get creative with ways to help her regulate her reactions to things. Do you ever face that struggle?


Fun Stuffed Toy For Kids - Dream Frenz ReviewThis review was made possible by iConnect and Dream Frenz. I was provided product and compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.


I bet you do.

When kids have special needs, parents need to think outside the box to try and help them feel better and be successful with every day living. Sometimes I’m surprised, though, about the things that work.

Logan loves stuffed animals. In fact, in her overexcitable, imaginational mind, each of her stuffed toys has a backstory, personality, and deep, deep feelings. Choosing some of her vast collection as comfort objects and to take along on trips is like asking her to willfully hurt the feelings of a cherished friend. And thinning the collection – well, let’s not even go there.


Fun Stuffed Toy For Kids - Dream Frenz Review


Dream Frenz intrigued me, and I agreed to check them out and review one to see if my kiddo loved it as much as they thought she would. Admittedly, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure that a simple stuffed toy could be several things at once to my little empathetic one – comfort object, pillow, and toy.

But, this funny stuffed toy, with its super large head, and teeny-tiny body was a hit from the start – and little miss Logan’s three siblings are not happy with me that they didn’t get one, too. “It’s perfect for long drives, Mom!” one of them tells me. “I love the mermaid, Mommy, can I have it?” asks another. They are completely taken by the concept of tucking part of it in to make the toy a pillow, and pulling it out to make a doll. “The pirate is SUUUUUUPER cool, Mom,” said the last.

Amazing, really. The simplest things are the best.

Dream Frenz were created by a mom, based on her kids’ tadpole-like early drawings, and her kiddos played a huge role in how the toys were designed. I love family businesses. Dream Frenz are only available at right now, but they’ll be in other retailers soon. My kids highly recommend them.


Fun Stuffed Toy For Kids - Dream Frenz Review


I tried to keep the little Dream Frenz we received in the “calm down area” of our home for Logan to cuddle with if she needed a break. And, it worked… temporarily.

Logan wasn’t really willing to let the Brittany doll out of her sight, and it now comes pretty much everywhere with her. Which, since it’s now a source of comfort, is totally okay with me.

Fun Stuffed Toy For Kids - Dream Frenz Review


Do you have a little one on your home that would love a comfort friend like Dream Frenz? I’m giving away one doll to a luck winner. Simply follow the directions in the giveaway widget below. The first one is mandatory, and once it’s completed, you’ll unlock ways to earn additional entries. Good luck!


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What are some unique things your child has found to help him or her calm down or be comforted?


Fun Stuffed Toy For Kids - Dream Frenz Review