Sensory Play with Bunchems Alive

It’s Monday morning and Logan is the first one up as usual – yes, even before me. She’s checked out the choice trays on the bookshelf, and has chosen an activity to explore, and is deep into her play by the time Isaac joins her. When I finally roll out of bed and head to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee, they’re ready to tell me all about the worlds they have created with the sensory diverse playthings I knew they’d gravitate towards first.


Sensory Play with Bunchems Alive


Sensory play – especially when it involves tactile experiences – is super important to developing brains. It stimulates the senses and sends signals to the brain strengthening neural pathways.

While we have lots and lots of cool choices around the house for the kids’ sensory play, their absolute favorite thing to play with right now is our new set of Bunchems Alive from SpinMaster. I’m going to be totally transparent and say right now that I received these sets to facilitate this sponsored post, and that I was a bit skeptical about bringing the Bunchems into our house. After all, they come with warning labels to keep the pieces away from your kiddos’ hair. And my seven year old has waist-length hair.



Sensory Play with Bunchems Alive


Honestly, though, we all absolutely LOVE these new sensory play and crafting supplies, and I’ve already bought an additional set myself to give the kids more building possibilities.

And the creativity is flowing.


Sensory Play with Bunchems Alive


There is a great deal of brain development going on anytime I pull the Bunchems out. We’ve got some serious problem solving going on as the kids try to make the things that they’re seeing in their heads come to life in front of them. Since all of them love to play with Bunchems together, they learn valuable communication skills and appropriate social boundaries…

He was using that set of eyes; if you’d like it, you need to ask instead of take, but be okay with receiving a no because he might have plans for them.

There’s just so much learning going on when you set the kids up with materials that engage their senses and challenge their creativity. The kids are communicating, story telling, imagining, classifying different objects based on texture and use, and building patterns, among other things. And… Bunchems was awarded the 2016 Toy of the Year Award for Activities! So awesome!

I love that the uniqueness of a simple toy like Bunchems Alive can do all these things for my kids and enchants them for long periods of time. In fact, that might be my favorite thing about Bunchems. My two youngest children, Logan (7) and Isaac (3) have the shortest attention spans on the planet. Seriously.


Sensory Play with Bunchems Alive


But, an amazing thing happened when I pulled out the Bunchems Alive for the first time. They both played cooperatively for over an hour and a half. Folks, that kind of focus doesn’t always happen in my house – especially for those two kiddos AT THE SAME TIME.

I highly recommend you grab your kids a set or two of these – the Bunchems Alive with the motorized “stick ‘em ball” is especially fun. Your kiddos can make a creature like the bluebird mine made, and set it down and let it go. Before creating with Bunchems though, make sure your child’s hair is pulled back away from their face. For the best results, play on hard surfaces to avoid entanglement on any fibrous surfaces, such as carpets – you can check out the safety video for yourself.


Sensory Play with Bunchems AliveI was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


I’m so excited for your kids and all those neural pathways they’ll be strengthening as they build and play and imagine with these cool toys.

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