Edible Art: Marshmallow Snowmen


Edible Art copy

Normally, we try to keep the meals and snacks pretty healthy around here. To be completely honest about it… I can get a little… umm… fanatical about it. In the last year, I’ve begun grinding my own wheat for flour, make our morning oatmeal from whole oat groats, millet, and wheat berries slow-cooked in the crock pot overnight, and cook from scratch at just about every meal.

So… when Molly and Logan wanted to take an “edible art” class at coop, I was a bit hesitant. I knew they’d love it. I knew they’d have fun. I knew I would not be able to control what went into their mouths.

Could you deny this {chocolate-smudged} glee:


Cheerful Snack Chef


I couldn’t, so… once a week, the girls have taken the class and made messy, junk-laden, debatably-artsy treats, and have had the time of their lives. While I’m sharing this not-so-healthy treat with you today, I’m hoping to make this a regular feature, and health-it-up for you. So, you can look forward to some fun, easy, cute, art-snacks to make with your kids. My kids are excited about the feature… hopefully yours will be, too.

These marshmallow snowmen were a fun treat to “celebrate” what I hope is the last snowfall of an unremarkable (though strange) winter. You can make it a bit healthier by choosing organic or all-natural versions of the ingredients and embellishments. (Whole foods has some yummy marshmallows, Sunspire candy-coated chocolates would substitute fine for the M&Ms, and you can find naturally colored sprinkles online.)


Another Happy Chef


First, have your child stick three marshmallows together, one on top of another, by “gluing” them with marshmallow fluff and sticking a coffee stirrer through the center of the stack, leaving a bit out on the bottom to hold onto.

Then, have her stick pretzel arms in the second marshmallow.

Next, have her use the fluff to “glue” facial features and buttons onto her snowman. Molly started to tie a fruit leather scarf around her snowman’s neck, but ate it instead… she got something healthy in her body, right?


Adding the Snowman's Hat


Finally, have your child make a hat by “gluing” an inverted peanut butter cup to a chocolate wafer cookie with chocolate frosting, and then sticking it to the snowman’s head with more fluff.

Now that the snowmen are admired and shared


Molly's Marshmallow Snowman


… it’s time to eat!


Logan Eating Her Snowman


Molly's Eating Her Snowman