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Our Gifted Homeschool Curriculum For Multiple Grade Levels: 2021-2022

Finding gifted homeschool curriculum can be a challenge for homeschooling parents. Having a chance to take a peek inside someone else’s homeschool is one of the best ways to get inspired and learn what works. With this in mind, I am sharing everything we are planning for the upcoming school year in our homeschool. 


gifted homeschool curriculum


After graduating one child, I find myself with just three children remaining in our homeschool this year. These three have never been in a traditional school setting. The only thing they know is homeschooling and I am excited to see how this year goes with all of our various ages and stages.

I discuss in detail the choices I’ve made for our gifted homeschool curriculum this year in this week’s podcast. This is an overview what we have planned.


gifted homeschool curriculum


Our Gifted Homeschool Curriculum Overview: 2021-2022

In the absence of any real co-op options this year, I have had to take a different approach to our plan for our homeschool this year. I have children in various ages and stages, spanning elementary, middle and high school.

This is our curriculum plan for the year.

High School Homeschool

My daughter is in ninth grade this year and beginning her high school years. She will be using the following for her learning this year:

You will find more information about each of these choices in today’s podcast. 


homeschool day doesn't go as planned


Late Elementary and Middle School Homeschool

Because my children work best learning together, it makes sense to combine their learning plan.

This is what we are using for my 5th and 7th graders.

You can hear all the details and plans we have for these curriculum options in today’s podcast. 


homeschool day doesn't go as planned


The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode 135: Our Gifted Homeschool Curriculum For Multiple Grade Levels

Every year Colleen shares her family’s curriculum choices and homeschool plans to help inspire and prepare you to do the same in your homeschool. Get all the details on her 2021-2022 gifted curriculum choices in today’s podcast.


Links and Resources from Today’s Show:


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