Episode 50 - Homeschooling a PG Kiddo While Teaching Full Time

RLL #50: Homeschooling a PG Kiddo from a Teacher’s Perspective with Mariel Howsepian


Think all teachers are against homeschooling? That’s actually pretty far from the truth — I’ve met many current and former teachers who have chosen to homeschool their kiddos just like today’s guest.

Mariel Howsepian and her husband Pete are lifelong learners living in Southern California where they homeschool their profoundly gifted daughter. Pete’s held many different jobs throughout the years, but now he adventures with their daughter during the day while Mariel works as a public school teacher. In the evenings, she picks up the lifelong learning gauntlet and jumps in to learn right alongside their daughter. 


Episode 50 - Homeschooling a PG Kiddo While Teaching Full Time


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