Free Star Wars Printable Coloring Pages

Our whole house is filled with Star Wars fans, so we’re always looking for fun Star Wars activities for the whole family. I love finding ways to encourage all of the kids to join into our activities, and coloring pages are good levelers. The bigger kids can use them to calm down and the younger kids can use them to keep fidgeting bodies busy during read alouds.

With a home full of smart, intense kiddos, it’s tough to find a single activity that each kid can participate in, so I love pulling out these free Star Wars printable coloring pages.

Free Printable Star Wars Coloring Sheets

Free Star Wars Printable Coloring Pages

These printable coloring pages are fun to use and perfect for days when you need something quick and easy. Print a copy for each of your kiddos, set out markers, crayons, and colored pencils, and put on an audio book. Easy-peasy.

To snag your own copy of these printable coloring pages, enter your information below. You’ll be sent an email within a few minutes that contains a download button. Click it and save them to your computer. From there you can print them on whatever printer you have.



All of my kids absolutely loved these Star Wars coloring pages. They’re simple enough for the littlest kids, but the big kids enjoy Star Wars so much that they had a blast coloring them too. They really are the perfect independent activity for when mom needs a break — and a great thing to have on hand for “May the Fourth” Star Wars Day.

What are your kids’ favorite Star Wars activities? Do they battle endlessly to save the universe, too?