Gameband - The Perfect Gift for Minecraft Gamers #ad #cbias #gameonthego

A Great Gift for Gamers – Gameband Minecraft

My son turned twelve this past week. And, thanks to this opportunity, compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, I was able to score MAJOR cool mom points. All opinions are mine alone, though, and I only share what I believe you’ll all love too. The Gameband — or portable Minecraft as we call it — is awesome!  #GameOnTheGo #CollectiveBias

How did I become the coolest mom in our homeschool co-op in my son’s critical eyes? {And how can you be that same cool mom for the gamer kid in your life?}

Gameband - The Perfect Gift for Minecraft Fans #cbias #ad #gameonthego


I got my hands on one of the coolest Minecraft gamer’s gadget of this holiday season…the Gameband Minecraft.

Gameband Minecraft, from Now Computing and affiliated with Minecraft – is the birthday gift my son didn’t even know he wanted before this week. I took a chance, and skipped over the LEGO set he’d asked for in favor of this, praying he wouldn’t be disappointed.

And he wasn’t.

Admiring the new Gameband

What is the Gameband Minecraft?

I had no idea what the hype was all about surrounding the Gameband in the beginning, but now that I’ve explored it a bit {with my tour guide, Trevor}, I think it’s pretty awesome.

Gaming on the Go with Gameband Minecraft #ad #cbias #gameonthego

Check out these details:

  • Gameband Minecraft is the first-ever Minecraft wearable.
  • Gameband Minecraft lets you take your Worlds with you and play Minecraft anywhere, anytime — on any computer.
  • It features ultra-fast, long-lasting hardware, and Gameband saves your Worlds while backing them up onto a secure, cloud-based server. If you lose it, you can contact Now Computing and order a replacement with all your data intact.
  • Gameband ships with PixelFurnace, an app that lets you customize it with messages, images and animations that you create and share on the PixelFurnace site.
  • It comes pre-loaded with stunning maps from Sethbling, Hypixel and Dragonz. Minecraft Game License sold separately
  • It’s available in two sizes – small and large.

The new gameband from Now Computing is the perfect gift for Minecraft gamers everywhere #ad #cbias #gameonthego

Where can you find the Gameband Minecraft?

The Gameband Minecraft is only available at Target and GameStop right now, and is so new that some of the clerks may not know what you’re looking for. I gave the clerks at my Target a little tutorial about it after we went on the search together.


Gameband is found in the mobile gaming section of Target stores #gameonthego #ad #cbias


If you’re going to Target like I did, you’ll find the Gameband Minecraft in the mobile gaming section. While they guys and gals in that department might not know what you’re looking for, gamers certainly know because they’re flying off the shelves before they can be restocked. I ended up getting Trevor a large because it was all they had left, and I’m glad I did. It’ll fit him for a long time.

Why should you get product?

A few friends asked why they should spend the money on this product – after all, isn’t it like a jump drive? What’s the point?

Well, as my son said when he discovered the pre-loaded worlds, “There’s nothing to compare to this. These are AMAZING worlds, and I can take them all everywhere!”

Playing Minecraft is awesome with the Gameband - play on any computer anywhere #ad #cbias #gameonthego

The Gameband Minecraft is a watch, a Minecraft World holder, cloud storage, a backup of all your kids’ hard work, and has this cool animation software with it, too, so your kiddo can customize it. My favorite customization so far was the “thanks Mom and Dad” that Trevor had flashing across the display when he first tried it out.

Open-ended, creative fun… with a video gaming device. Meets my needs and my son’s interests. win-win. This would make a great holiday gift {or anytime gift} for Minecraft fans in your life. Now Computing is great, too — if you have any questions or concerns before you get this cool gadget, or once you’re playing with it, simply reach out to them and they’ll get you right on-track!

What do you think? Do you know anyone who might love this cool new tech bracelet to appear under the tree this year?