The Power of Education #IKEASoftToysEDU #CleverGirls #ad

The Power of Education

Education is very important to my husband and me, and this fact always prompts some interesting talking points and conversations when we meet up with family, friends, or former colleagues.

I guess at first glance, it seems like we might have “turned our backs” on education, what with pulling our son out of school and choosing to homeschool instead. But, the truth is, our entire family – adults and children – are passionate supporters of education.

We are raising lifelong learners.

Power of Education with IKEA Soft Toys Foundation  #IKEASoftToysEdu #CleverGirls #ad

Every child has the right to a quality education that meets them right where they are and moves them forward. Every child has the right to learn something new every single day, no matter how that education is delivered.

We chose to pull our son out of his first grade classroom midyear to pursue a different type of education because we felt that his needs weren’t being adequately met. We continue to provide a quality home education for all of our children now because we believe that we can best challenge them and keep each of our children moving ahead at whatever speed at which they are comfortable, in whichever subject they are ready to tackle.

Power of Education with IKEA Soft Toys Foundation  #IKEASoftToysEdu #CleverGirls #ad

And, as I’ve shared before, our days aren’t always typical. But, we’re always passionately pursuing whatever rabbit trail on which we find ourselves. Our children are curious and so they help us develop their curriculum, based on things they want to pursue. We surround our children with toys that inspire curiosity and those that tap into their interests in fun ways.

And we teach them to be grateful for what they have, while spreading kindness and love to others. Besides spreading random acts of kindness, we share about local and global organizations so the kids know what others are doing to help in their own communities and around the world.

Power of Education with IKEA Soft Toys Foundation  #IKEASoftToysEdu #CleverGirls #ad

After the first of the year, our oldest will be volunteering monthly at a local food bank with my husband. With the littler kids, we try to find ways to reach out to those around us and serve or show love in small ways. And we’re reading case studies and other information about how organizations like IKEA and their Soft Toys for Education Campaign bring educational opportunities to underdeveloped countries and places of extreme poverty.

Did you know that IKEA will donate $1.00 from every single soft toy purchased between now and January 3, 2015 through UNICEF and Save the Children to help bring education to places like Mozambique, Romania, the Philippines, and other places around the world? Last year, the IKEA Foundation raised $13.6 million (10.1 million euro) and over $1 million was raised in the US. This year, they will probably go over $100 million in total contributions since 2003.

The IKEA Foundation is the largest global corporate donor to Save the Children and UNICEF, funding projects that include helping to improve children’s education. Those donations help UNICEF and Save the Children train teachers in child-friendly teaching methods, improve child protection systems, supply educational materials in the schools, help rebuild schools, provide better water and toilet facilities, and increase school attendance rates.

Power of Education with IKEA Soft Toys Foundation  #IKEASoftToysEdu #CleverGirls #ad

I’ve always loved shopping at IKEA {though I wish it were closer than an hour and a half away…} and now I love them ever more than ever! I ordered a new easel, some art smocks, and paper rolls from IKEA online to include under the tree this Christmas, but may need to take the drive to go pick up some of the puppets, new heroes soft toys, and more kitchen tools before the 3rd of January.

Education is the most impactful way to help children escape poverty. Because education has a direct impact on well-being, it gives children knowledge skills and confidence they need to shape a better future for themselves.

When a child begins – and stays in school {whether public, private, parochial, home, or some combination}, he or she not only changes the course of their own life, but that of future generations.

Education has power.

How do you encourage your children to become lifelong learners, and to place a high value on education and its pursuit?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.