Geeky Gifts for Geeky Kids

Do your kids have definite opinions on the merits of one Doctor over the other? Think that Harry Potter, Luke, and Percy Jackson should all join forces and save the world from all evil for all time? Have trouble deciding what they’d rather do – take a part the old computer tower in the attic, or build a burglar alarm for their room?


Yes? Well, you may just be living with a geeky kid – or may be a geeky kid yourself. I’ve pulled together the ultimate gift guide for the geeks in my house – maybe one of these things will be great for your resident geek or their friends.


Doctor Who

I LOVE this series, and Trevor just might be a slightly bigger fan than me. Maybe. Do you have a little Whovian in your home? Or a big one? Check out these fun ideas:

Lord of the Rings

Isn’t Tolkien the best? We read and reread these books and watch the movies over and over again. Worlds, wizards, hobbits, dragons, dwarfs, elves, and danger…all in one place. It’s the ultimate geek fest. Here are some great ideas for your little hobbits:

Star Trek

Star Trek is one of those father-son bonding events around here. Trevor and Brian stream the show from Netflix and enjoy their “Spock” time together. Some of these gifts are so fun that I might need to pick them up for me. After all, who doesn’t need to be able to put on “Spock ears” every once in awhile?

Star Wars

Han Solo… swoon… It’s a hold over from high school, but my kids know that I watch this to see Harrison Ford. I’m sorry, I’m just not geeky enough to watch it for the story, I guess. If your kids are, then here are a few great gift ideas for them:

The Chronicles of Narnia

C.S. Lewis was a rock star in my opinion. These stories are iconic – action packed, full of allegory, and good always triumphs. Do you think your young kings and queens might like some of these:


I have to admit, I’m not a huge Minecraft fan. I’m WAY outnumbered, though, so I’m learning to live with it… most of the time. Especially when three of the kids “connect” the Kindles and play with each other. Bonding over video games – the ultimate in geeky kids. Here are some fun Minecraft gifts for your little ones:

Electricity and Circuitry

We’ve been playing a lot with electricity and magnetism around here since I published my first Science for Smart Kids book {a great gift itself!}, so we’ve tried a lot of books, experiments, and kits. Here are some of our favorites, along with tools like soldering equipment in case you want to get your burgeoning electrician some real equipment like I did mine:

Other Science Kits

It’s pretty clear we like science, and a lot of the geeky, goofy kids we know love blowing things up, making things fizz, and generally getting messy with science. Encourage that love of discovery with some of these fun kits and activities:

Tech Toys

Tech – the geeky kid’s love language. Trevor is happily learning code, building a Raspberry Pi based computer, and programming Mindstorms. He’s a tech-geek for sure! Maybe some of these gifts can inspire you to find the perfect gift for your tech geek:


What do you think? Is there something on here that might be just what the little geekling you live with might want? {Or, is there something on this page for you – the big geek?} I’ll be honest… that Sphero is screaming my name. I may have to get the little guy for my kids. {ahem}

Is there a great geeky kid gift I missed? Let me know all about it in the comments. I have a feeling this list could go on forever. Happy shopping.





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