Paint Your Own Wrapping Paper

Paint Your Own Wrapping Paper

During the holidays, I try get to my kids involved in as much of the preparation as possible. Holidays – an the preparation for them – are the memory builders of childhood. One way I include them is by encouraging them to make gifts, cards, and wrapping paper for our friends and family.

Paint Your Own Wrapping Paper

Over the weeks of Advent, we focus on preparing for the birth of Jesus by turning our attention to others. We do random acts of kindness each day and work toward developing servant hearts. And, we read lots of Christmas books — both those full of whimsy and those that tell the story of the Nativity.

And we craft.

If you’re looking for a super easy thing to keep your kiddos busy during snowy, cold afternoons, try encouraging them to paint their own wrapping paper for all of the gifts they’ll be giving this season. It’s simple, inexpensive, and a lot of fun.

Paint Your Own Christmas Wrapping Paper

You’ll need:


And you might want to dress your kids for a mess, as I discovered that little ones leaning over painted butcher paper can be a recipe for disaster. And that green splotchy rug…. well, we won’t talk about that.


Once your painting area is draped with drop cloths and plastic, or whatever protective measures you want to take (unlike my unprotected kitchen), spread paper on the table, give your kids washable paints in a variety of Christmas colors (we used red, green, white, and blue) and a variety of tools, and let them create.

Paint Your Own Wrapping Paper

My girls enjoyed this for an entire afternoon and created two cute rolls of paper covered in snowflakes, polka dots, and Santa hats. They even painted with all green for their brother’s gifts as green is his favorite color.

What is one way you involve your kids in holiday preparations?