Get the Kids Off to a Healthy Start in the Mornings

It was Monday afternoon. The kids were playing outside with the neighbors, riding up and down the newly acquired bike ramp next door, soaking up the last few weeks of summer freedom. I was inside prepping to leave for a week of teaching, as soon as my husband returned from his trip.

A Healthy Morning Routine with Free Printable

I heard shouts, and Molly, my nine year old came inside, cradling her wrist, and I knew we’d be heading to the ER. It was her third wrist fracture in four summers. Active kids can age you quickly…

Her pediatric orthopedic surgeon suggested that we get her some good vitamins, and encourage her to drink more Vitamin D fortified juices and milk, and to bring her back in a month because she may have displaced her growth plate. Sigh…




Blue on blue stripes and waterproof! This kiddo is a brave, brave girl. #littleandbrave

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Molly is notoriously against the things that are best for her — vegetables, good sleep, vitamins… But, this unfortunate end to the summer was the perfect excuse to get her and all of the kids on a great back-to-school morning routine.

With four kids, and a goal of keeping them healthy, I think we’ve tried just about everytrick out there, but nothing works as well as when we have it all written out where everyone can see it. 

Since I need to help buck up Molly’s health, strength, and (ahem) durability, and a good morning routine complete is a great habit for the whole family to develop during this season of new routines, I put together an easy and fun checklist to help the kids remember all they need to do to get ready for the school day.


A Healthy Morning Routine with Free Printable


You can download your own free copy, too! Simply enter your email in the box below and a link to the download will be emailed to you. It’ll work great for your kids whether they go to school or are homeschooled. It’s the perfect way to start the day – and keep you from having to remind them all a bunch of times to do the things they should be remembering on their own.