Growing a Family of Character with Character Badges

Growing a Family of Character

The day was going downhill quickly. Kids were storming away from each other, hurt and lashing out with spiteful words, and that quiet, kind, homeschooling family who all loved one another that I dreamed of being seemed an impossibility.

Things had to change.


Growing a Family of Character with Character Badges

I was given a set of Character Badges to try out with the kiddos and compensated for the time taken to facilitate this post. All thoughts and opinions are mine, and remember that I only share things I believe in or think will help your family out.


I needed to do something to pull us back to the dream family I wanted us to have. And I discovered the Character Badges system.

Have you and your family created a mission statement? For the longest time, our family ran smoothly with the kids mostly being kind to one another and themselves. And then I started slacking.

Friends, does that happen at your house too? It’s all going along swimmingly and YOU drop the ball? You start to let the boundaries slide a bit… You give in and release the kiddos early from earned consequences… Forget to enforce the chore schedule then get angry and frustrated that you’re back to doing it all…

Well, Character Badges are great tools to help you get back on track, and be consistent in a fun, easy to use way. We already run our house based on three simple rules – obey, be kind, and be a helper. With those three rules, all good things come. Character Badges were just what we needed to bump that focus on good virtues up a bit, and help retrain our whole family.


Growing a Family of Character with Character Badges


Teaching the kids that positive consequences come from making good choices, while negative consequences come from making bad choices is made easy when the Character Badges charts are hung in an area of your home where your kiddos can see them and be reminded of the good choices they want to do more of.

The “Do’s” include: cheerfulness, diligence, helpfulness, initiative, kindness, obedience, respectfulness, and tidiness. The “Don’ts” include: bad manners, pouting, untidiness, bossing, foolishness, back talking, laziness, disobedience, mean behaviors, and lying.

Here’s the thing – when you’re raising intense and highly asynchronous kids, simple reminders aren’t always going to be enough, and what is working for you today, might not be working for you a month from now. And that’s okay.

I love that Character Badges are consistent enough to give me something similar with which to work as I parent four challenging kids, but flexible enough that I can switch a few things up to make it novel again, therefore regaining buy-in. My kids are really enjoying the coins they can earn and redeem for treasures like dates with a parent, extra time up past bedtime, and a new book.


Growing a Family of Character with Character Badges


There are badges that kids can earn when they’ve advance through the chart in certain areas, and rewards you choose to put into place. I especially love the “mystery row” where you can write in something you want your kiddo to work on, or just surprise them in random acts of goodness like I enjoy doing.

The booklet that comes with the program has loads of other ideas to help make the program your own. It’s really a great program to help kick-start character building in your family this year.

And, between now and you can save 10% using the coupon code RLL10 if you order a set at before September 14, 2016!

What tips do YOU have for building character in kids? Let me know your ideas!


Growing a Family of Character with Character Badges