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When Your Homeschool Day Doesn’t Go As Planned

When your homeschool day isn’t going the way you want it to, what do you do?

I’m going to be honest and tell you that what I do is often the exact opposite of what I know I SHOULD do.

Take last Thursday for example…


homeschool day doesn't go as planned


I was tired and had been up much of the night with my sniffy, allergic, and sneezing youngest son. There were a lot of work things I needed to catch up on, and my younger two just weren’t cooperating with anything. Especially school!

I should have put away my work for a bit, cuddled up with those two and a good book on the couch and reset the day – maybe even popping popcorn or going out for ice cream.

It’s what I’d tell YOU to do on an “off” day. 

I’d say, “Set it all aside and connect with your kiddo. Academics can always be made up, but hearts and relationships come first.”


homeschool day doesn't go as planned


The Reality Of Homeschooling Day In and Day out

Sometimes, though, we don’t do what we know we should do.

Sometimes we’re too tired.

Sometimes we’re too overwhelmed.

Sometimes we yell.

Sometimes we retreat to our own rooms and hide for a bit.

Sometimes we’re human.


homeschool day doesn't go as planned


When Your Homeschool Day Doesn’t Go As Planned

Yes, when the day isn’t going as planned, I’d tell you to connect and regroup with those precious homeschooled kids of yours.

But I’d also tell you that if you just can’t and you need a break, that’s OK too. Because homeschool moms are human and sometimes, we just need a break. We need a chance to be without the pressure of the “I should’s.”

I should be starting them on math now.

I should be reading aloud.

I should be limiting their screen time.

I should be…

The “I should’s” can be suffocating sometimes.


homeschool day doesn't go as planned


What To Do If You Just Can’t Pull It Together For The Day

If your day is going off the rails, and you just can’t show up for anyone at the moment, please show up for yourself. 

Turn on a movie for the kids and hide in your room. They’ll be OK. You can connect later and snuggle up with a good book and ice cream.

Above all, please, be kind to yourself.

Tomorrow IS another day.


When Your Homeschool Day Is Going All Wrong

One of my favorite posts here at Raising Lifelong Learners is one from my friend, Amy. She compiled a list of all the best advice from 15 different homeschool parents, all for the really tough days. I found myself referring back to it this week!