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What This Homeschool Graduate Wants You To Know


In this very special episode of The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast, Colleen is joined by her son and recent homeschool graduate, Trevor Kessler. It is a candid look back at more than a decade of learning together, including how Trevor really feels about being homeschooled. If you are a homeschool parent, this is an episode you do not want to miss!


homeschool graduate



A Homeschool Graduate Looks Back On More Than A Decade Of Learning At Home

What becomes clear in speaking to this homeschool graduate, is just how much homeschooling has allowed him to pursue his own interests and strengths. As a creative person, Trevor describes himself as “less academically driven.”

However, his creatively and giftedness were able to take center stage in his learning as a direct result of homeschooling. 

“Academically driven” is not the only way giftedness presents in children, and he is a classic example.


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The Importance Of Mastery And Gifted Children

A perfect example of how homeschooling supports giftedness, is how Trevor describes the desire to “get really good at something and then move onto something else.”

For gifted and twice exceptional children, this is an important element of how learning and development unfolds.

There is a need to master the topic while, for creatively gifted kiddos in particular, there is also a need to keep things novel. This ebb and flow fuels learning, although it proceeds in a less linear and at times, chaotic fashion.

The result however, for Trevor, is a passion for film, photography, special effects. Already, his mastery of these topics have led to job opportunities and professional growth. 


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homeschool graduate


RLL Episode 122: A Special Conversation With Homeschool Graduate, Trevor Kessler

I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the insights in this episode. This conversation is truly something special. Colleen and Trevor both reflect on their years learning together, and the result is a wonderful encouragement for homeschooling parents! 


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