homeschooling high school

Homeschooling High School Isn’t Something To Fear

It seems that everywhere I go – conventions, local co-ops, online forums – homeschooling moms are worried that they’re not going to be able to handle homeschooling high school “when it really counts.”

But what does that even mean?

Who decides what counts?

We do. I promise.

Really and truly.


homeschooling high school


Your Homeschool Belongs To You

Sure, all states have varying levels of requirements, but your homeschool is really yours. You and your child can decide for yourselves what it is going to look like.

Here’s the thing – your homeschool doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s.

It doesn’t need to look like your best friend’s.

It doesn’t need to look like public school.

It doesn’t need to follow a specific scope and sequence. 

It doesn’t need to be filled with reading aloud, games, morning times, curriculum, or anything YOU don’t want it to be filled with. 

Your homeschool belongs to you. 


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There Is No Wrong Way To Homeschool

It’s weird for me to think about all the ways our homeschool has changed since we first pulled my son out of his first grade class. We’ve done it all  – full-on school-at-home, boxed curriculums, pieces and parts of random curriculums, workbooks, strict schedules, complete unschooling, and everything in-between. We now fall almost exclusively in the eclectic camp, and change things up as needed.  

There is no wrong way to do this homeschooling thing if you are all in, loving your kids, igniting their passions, and giving them opportunities to shine. 


homeschooling high school


This guy is done.


There wasn’t a ceremony as he’s not a huge fan of being “on stage.” No pomp and circumstance (although we are having a big backyard BBQ and party next month. I think we all need to celebrate that we [I] made it!) no declarations, no yard signs or gowns…

And that’s OK too.


high school


Homeschooling High School Isn’t Something To Fear

We all get to do what we love and want when it comes to homeschooling, life, and beyond. 

Homeschooling high school isn’t something to fear. It’s something to embrace, treasure, and enjoy. You get a front row seat to the growing adult that’s right there before you.

These have been my favorite years in this homeschooling adventure, they can be yours too. 


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If you want to know my son’s thoughts about learning at home with me all these years you’ll hear it directly from him in this episode of The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast. 

homeschooling high school


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