homeschooling high school

A Quick Guide To Homeschooling High School For Gifted Children

Homeschooling high school, particularly when your child is gifted and twice-exceptional, has its own unique set of challenges and rewards. This quick guide provides encouragement, practical tips, and real examples you won’t want to miss!


homeschooling high school


A Guide To Homeschooling High School For Gifted Children

One of the very first questions I’m asked about homeschooling high school is, “What do I do about course credit and transcripts?”

It is always a top concern, especially for parents who graduated in a more traditional high school setting. The good news is, this is actually one of the easiest things to tackle, when you have the right resources!


homeschooling high school


Resources For Creating Homeschool Transcripts

Homeschooling High School By Design E-course

How To Create A Transcript As Relaxed Homeschoolers

Getting Started With High School Course Descriptions and Credits


homeschooling high school


What’s The Most Important Part Of Homeschooling High School For Gifted Children?

Once you feel comfortable with the paperwork associated with homeschooling high school, it’s easier to focus on the very best and most important parts of homeschooling high school. 

Homeschooling high school is really more about helping your child learn, than it is teaching all the things. Most homeschool moms of high schoolers will tell you that their role as homeschool mom changed considerably over the course of the high school years. 

Shared Responsibility And Planning

One natural change is the level of involvement your child should have over their own high school plan. Sharing responsibility for the learning itself, as well as the planning associated with it (including curriculum selection, etc.) gradually changes for most families. The shift in my own life went from me being almost entirely responsible in my son’s freshman year, to him being almost entirely responsible in his senior year. 

Mentor vs. Teacher

Part of this shift includes a change in our overall roles as homeschool moms. 

As the high school years pass, expect to find your role in your child’s learning changing from “teacher” to “mentor.” This can be disconcerting at first, but the truth is, it can also bring so much more joy and accomplishment to both mentor and learner.

Materials, Time, And Resources 

I absolutely love this quote from my friend and expert high school homeschooler, Heather. 

homeschooling high school

It’s a great summary of what our kids really need from us as they progress through high school. They tell us what they need in order to learn, and we get it for them!


Why The Learner’s Lab Is So Helpful For Gifted And 2E High Schoolers…


The Learner's Lab

You Don’t Have To Homeschool High School Alone

The Learner’s Lab is the community created just for your quirky family.  It’s full of creative lessons, problem solving activities, critical and divergent thinking games, and the social-emotional support differently-wired children and teens need most.

All from the comfort of your own home. 

Interaction with Other High Schoolers

One element of The Learner’s Lab that has been the most impactful for high school learners is the monthly live sessions with other teens. I have been so pleasantly surprised to see the level of interaction, interest, and engagement with our high schoolers. A few have even become good friends in life outside the platform!

Social and Emotional Learning Balances Academic Learning

This community was created to support children who are gifted and twice exceptional. We cover social and emotional learning as a support to academics,  all year long, in a way that is educational and fun for teens. They learn skills to help them succeed, and you learn how to help them along the way. 

We invite you to join us. Get all the details HERE.


Homeschooling High School: A Conversation With Heather Woodie

I think that one of the very best ways to learn about homeschooling any age group, is to ask another homeschool mom who has already navigated it. I was so lucky to be able to do that this week for the high school years! You can find all the questions and answers, as well as so much encouragement in my latest episode of the Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast, Episode 109: A Conversation with Heather Woodie.

homeschooling high school



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