Homeschool Math Doesn’t Have To Be Intimidating!

Homeschool Math Doesn’t Have To Be Intimidating!

“The one subject that scares me most is math.”

I hear it all the time from homeschooling parents, worried about how to best help their kids in math. My reply is always the same.

“Homeschool math doesn’t have to be intimidating! You just need to find the right program for your child.”


Homeschool Math Doesn’t Have To Be Intimidating!


I don’t think math anxiety is unique to the homeschool community.  For various reasons, culturally and educationally, we tend to think of math as a subject for the brainiacs, and the rest of us are left to figure out how to get by.

When you make the decision to homeschool your child, it can all come flooding back. Your confusion over negative numbers in sixth grade. The fear you felt while taking the math portion of the SAT.

Homeschooling can rekindle our math anxiety and math avoidance in a very big way.

But it doesn’t have to.

Finding The Right Math Program For Your Child

There are so many choices on the market. Some with manipulatives, some with thick workbooks, some on online learning platforms.

While it may seem overwhelming, its actually good news! You don’t have to worry about all of them – you only have to find the one that works for you!

That’s exactly what’s happened for my family this year with CTCMath.


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CTCMath Makes Homeschool Math Accessible (not scary!)

CTCMath is an online program developed by a father of ten children, with twenty years teaching experience. It is a subscription math service that provides learning from Kindergarten all the way through Calculus. CTCMath specializes in providing online video tutorials that take a multi-sensory approach to learning.

The number one thing we’ve loved most about CTCMath this year  is that it teaches math in short, bite sized amounts.

I LOVE the shorter lessons approach. Not only is it the best way to teach children with attention issues, but it also makes it easy for parents who struggle with math themselves!

Because CTCMath presents the material in 4-9 minutes lessons, your child is more likely to grasp the concepts and honestly, you’re likely to feel less pressure around math in general. 

Here are some other key benefits of the program:

Access to all Levels

This is huge! CTCMath gives access to every single level, K – 12 at all times. It’s perfect for the learner who is advanced in some topics and needs to accelerate quickly. It also works really well if your child is struggling and in need of review.

Placement Tests Are Optional

This is a personal preference of mine. Having placement tests as optional makes things so much easier. Although I understand the need for placement tests, in my experience, children with learning differences can feel pressure and unnecessary stress associated with them. No need to start a new program with an increase in anxiety!

Straightforward Interactive Lessons

The lessons themselves consist of 4 to 9 minute tutorials.  Animated and interactive, each lesson is presented in an online format, and also has the option of a printable PDF with a lesson overview.

Options for Practice

In addition to a worksheet for each lesson, there are also options for practice included in the program. Times tables review, math facts, and even logic puzzles are accessible for extras throughout the program.

A note for asynchronous learners:

With CTC Math, I can have my kiddos take the end of unit exams before they begins a unit. If they already know the material, we move on. For my child who struggles with math, I love that we have access to all levels at once, so I can easily move her back a bit for review as needed. 



Want To See CTCMath In Action?

As I said, you need to find what works best for your child. The good news is CTCMath is offering a special for Raising Lifelong Learners readers. If you sign up today, you will receive a half-price discount plus a bonus 6-months when you register for a 12-month membership (so the total is for 18-months). 

You have nothing to lose. CTCMath comes with a 12-month money-back guarantee. No questions asked! Just email CTCMath, and they refund.