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Books to Help Your Kids Learn Mindfulness at Home

To help keep all of these wonderful mindfulness resources in one place, I have gathered some of the best books to help your kids learn mindfulness at home.

Books to Help Kids Learn Mindfulness at Home


We already know how reading can help children learn. So why not combine the incredibly helpful topic of mindfulness with reading to teach our kiddos how to handle their emotions.

The following list of books will help kids learn all about mindfulness and how it can help them in everyday situations.

Remember, kids learn best by example, put your best foot forward and show them how it’s done! These books are a great place to start learning about mindfulness for adults too.


Books to Help Your Kids Learn Mindfulness at Home

Master of Mindfulness: This book teaches kids how to be their very own superhero during times of stress. I love this book because it encourages kids to find their own inner strength. A skill that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Mind Bubbles: With a unique metaphor, using bubbles, kids between the ages of 4-8 will learn how to practice mindfulness.

Sitting Still Like a Frog: Use this book as a practical guide to physically do something about your emotions. This option will come in handy for all parents too.

Mindfulness for Vikings: Need a few feel-good smiles? I highly recommend this inspiring book that follows Little Moose and his pooch Wolfie. It is full of black and white drawings accompanied by treasured sayings.

Mindfulness for Kids I: You can use this book to teach kids about a variety of mindfulness exercises that will help them cope with their emotions.

A Handful of Quiet: With something as simple as four little rocks, kids can learn how to remain calm and collected during times of stress. This introduction to meditation is simple to understand and fun to try. It is something that both kids and parents can do together.




The Calm Buddha at Bedtime: Not only does this book contain stories of mindfulness, it also touches on compassion and wisdom. These are traits the world needs to see more often. The perfect bedtime book.

What Does it Mean to be Present: This book provides a fantastic social story based on being present in the moment. Follow along as a group of friends practice ways to be mindful in a variety of places including school, home, and the beach.

Listening to My Body: Teach your kids how to listen to their body with a little help from this mindfulness book. It helps kids recognize their feelings and how to help them handle whatever it is that comes their way.

The Lemonade Hurricane: This adorable story is about Emma and her little brother, who she calls the Lemonade Hurricane. In this story, Emma teaches her little brother how to be mindful. A perfect book for siblings!

Good Night Yoga: A fantastic book to introduce into your bedtime routine. If your kiddo’s worries seem to arise at night, this book is a great way to introduce them to a routine that fights those worries head-on.

My Magic Breath: Breathing exercises are a fantastic way to grab your child’s attention before they spiral out of control. This mindfulness book helps them learn the benefits of breathing exercises and how to use this tactic when a stressful situation stricks.




If you want even more ideas on how to teach mindfulness at home, head on over to my post Games to Help Your Kids Learn Mindfulness at Home. Practicing mindfulness in everyday activities such as reading books and playing games will give our kids the tools they need to have a healthy emotional life.

Do you have any favorite mindfulness books for kids? Share your favorite picks with me in the comments!