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Games to Help Your Kids Learn Mindfulness at Home

Teaching kids about mindfulness is an important skill for them to master. It will help them navigate the world and everything it can throw their way. Including mindfulness tasks and activities throughout the week is an essential step. One way to do this is by using games to help your kids learn mindfulness at home.

Being mindful allows children to enjoy life as well as maneuver the obstacles they encounter. As the saying goes for many other subjects, practice makes perfect.

Games to Help Kids Learn Mindfulness at Home


If mindfulness is new to you, keep in mind that this technique requires you to be intentional about your actions and feelings. This applies to all feelings both good and bad. It helps explore feelings while being in control of the situation. This book, The Little Book of Mindfulness, has given me a wonderful insight into mindfulness. The activities only take about 10-15 minutes, which makes it ideal for any hectic schedule. One thing I’ve noticed with children is that they follow by example. If you would like your kids to become more mindful, start practicing the theory and they will surely follow.


Games to Help Your Kids Learn Mindfulness at Home

Mindfulness Matters: This is a fun game to play with kids and teenagers… parents might even learn a thing or two about mindfulness while playing this game. It helps kids learn different mindfulness strategies and how they can apply them in their own lives.

Totem The Feel Good Game: In this mindfulness game, players are assigned a totem. Their totem creates a positive environment that promotes team building. The perfect intentional game of positive intentions and results.

Yoga 4 Kids in the Rainforest: Being intentional about caring for your body and mind can easily be incorporated into Yoga. Play this board game as a family to learn how to relax, stretch, and meditate.

The Mindfulness Game: Use this card game to become focused, find ways to calm down, and above all… have fun. It encourages self-care and even has a booklet of ideas on how to engage teenagers to not only play a mindfulness game but to learn through fun.

Totika: Totika is known as the self-esteem game. It is a bit like the classic game of Jenga but this one includes a deck of cards and revolves around positive reinforcement. Through play kids, teens, and adults will learn about self-confidence, achieving goals, and valuing each other.

Cards for Calm: Players learn how to stay centered and calm to combat anxiety and worries. This is a great game for the entire family to play. I like this game because it doesn’t require a lot of time, but is still meaningful.


Better Me: This game requires players to work within a group. It has an emphasis on accountability that involves real problems. The perfect way to give your family the tools they need to succeed.

Wood Zen Garden: Technically, this may not be a game, but it is a way to be intentional about your actions through a relaxing and calming experience of playing in the sand. I like this one because it comes with a variety of tools.

Anger Management Thumball: Practicing mindfulness includes learning how to react to a variety of situations. Use this game to learn how to curb anger when different situations arise.

Mindful Games: Use these activity cards to help kids understand the purpose of practicing mindfulness.

Emojinks: Here is a fun, fast-paced card game that can get younger kiddos to identify their emotions. It helps players practice their attention and focus skills as well.

Be Mindful: This deck of cards is made for teens. It can help them become less stress through activities and actions.


Other games to help teach mindfulness at home include good old classics such as Kerplunk, Sorry!, and even blowing bubbles. You can find many mindfulness actions throughout every activity. Try to remember to be intentional about actions and always acknowledge feelings, even when they are difficult to handle.