Using Time4Learning for Nontraditional Homeschooling

Homeschooling isn’t what it used to be, and the reasons that more and more families are choosing the path of home education are becoming more and more varied. My son’s giftedness and struggles in public school are what initially started us on our homeschool journey, but the longer we’re at it, the more reasons I discover to keep at it. 

Since becoming a full-on theater mom, we’ve met several families who have chosen to homeschool so that their children can pursue their passions more fully – drama, gymnastics, music. These families have decided to bend their ideas of what school needs to look like and built education around their kids, not the other way around. With more and more families looking for alternative ways to educate their children, the search for  just the right curriculum is always on, and while there’s no such thing as a perfect program, many families (like ours!) are benefitting from using Time4Learning.com



I met a mom recently whose son is a very gifted gymnast. His natural ability paired with his intense dedication makes for a truly talented tumbler, and his Olympic hopes are not too far outside the realm of possibility. After much discussion and research, the family made the decision to allow him to withdraw from his local public school and begin homeschooling, so that he may more fully train and devote himself to his sport. 

They’d chosen a popular online program that was still connected to public school and found that they didn’t have the freedom they’d hoped for. They were both burning out, quickly. They were frustrated, felt pressured, felt trapped by a decision that was supposed to offer them flexibility. The poor mom was regretting her decision to homeschool, but also desperately wanted to make it work. 

I’m so glad that I knew from Molly’s experience that Time4Learning was exactly what she needed. 

Time4Learning, if you haven’t checked it out yet, is an online schooling program that is actually flexible. Instead of a set schedule or a predetermined path that must be followed, Time4Learning offers all of the core subjects that must be taught in a way is adjustable to each student’s needs. Subjects can be breezed through when they’re mastered quickly or focused on for extended periods when more practice is needed. 

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Time4Learning is also an excellent choice for families who travel often. Whether you’re in an RV or a hotel room, homeschooling is possible on the road. Everything your child needs is in one convenient place – online – and each subject meets state standards, so there’s no shelves full of books, no records to keep, no loose papers, no clutter. As long as you have wifi, your child has access to quality, challenging, flexible homeschooling. 

The ability to keep all subjects in one central location, and without any papers or workbooks to lug around, makes last-minute trips possible, makes extending visits doable, and gives you the peace of mind that your child isn’t missing out on anything. 

The same convenience is true for families who deal with chronic or complex medical issues. 

Children who have frequent hospitalizations, whose parents deal with chronic illness, families who see the surgical theater as often I see the performance theater… they call all have the flexibility they need with the challenging work their child deserves with Time4Learning. 

Life circumstances shouldn’t prevent a child from receiving a quality education, and with Time4Learning’s different options for add-on subjects and family subscriptions, no one has to lose out on learning. 

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Time4Learning is a wonderful option for families who aren’t able to fully homeschool, as well. I’ve chatted with several families who recognize their child’s need for more rigorous work, or whose interests and abilities are more advanced than their school currently offers, but for various reasons need to keep their child in a brick and mortar school. 

Afterschooling is becoming increasingly more popular as families search for ways to enrich their child’s education while keeping them enrolled at their local school. Maybe they need a little more help in one subject or a lot more challenge in another. Whether your child is soaring or struggling, Time4Learning has a plan for them. 

Be sure to check out all of the options offered by Time4Learning – including foreign language! – and be encouraged that no matter your lifestyle, no matter your location, no matter your passions or circumstances, your child can grow and thrive in their education without skipping a beat.