Mom's Weekend Away

Mom’s Weekend Away

Being a mom is a fulltime job. Like FULL time – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are little people who depend on you, a home that needs kept, jobs {outside and/or inside the home} that need done, and so many more little things that pop up each and every day unexpectedly. When you homeschool, this is compounded even further.

A weekend away seems like an impossible dream.

Mom's Weekend Away

Vacation time for moms usually means a getaway to an amusement park or another family destination. Or, if a mom is really lucky, it means an escape with the one she loves. But, it’s harder for her to think of herself, and maybe getting away with friends.

Listen moms, I want to make the case for why you should take off for a day or two with a friend once in a while, and share with you a bit about my recent getaway to the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati.

Yes… a mom’s weekend away at a homeschool convention seems a little pathetic at first, but it was the perfect mix of all that rejuvenates me, so it was perfect. Here’s how to make your getaway perfect, too:

Borrow or Rent a New Vehicle

I drive a minivan, and have for over a decade. We knew early on that we wanted several kids, and since we loved to camp we decided off the bat to get a vehicle with space, so a minivan it was.

I was thrilled to shed the suburban mom stereotype for a few days and drive a Hyundai Sonata Eco instead. I was provided with the vehicle and a full tank of gas to check out for the trip to see – and share – how awesome it is for moms like me. All opinions are mine, though.

It’s been awhile since I drove something smaller than a minivan or SUV, and I loved it. Seriously loved it. I tried to figure out which kid I could leave behind on a regular basis so I could keep the car and claim it as my own…

But, since I do love my four crazies, I decided to soak it all up for myself, and file the love of that car away for the eventual day when my kiddos leave the nest.

Mom's Weekend Away

Sitting in the car for the first time, I just took it all in. The push-button start is awesome for someone like me who loses her keys all the time. They never left my purse, and since my purse was always with me, so were they. I love that.

I also adored the big, bright, full-color touch screen display that let me choose radio stations, satellite radio genres, the option to hook up my iphone and play podcasts from iTunes, and the wifi {yes, wifi… swoon}.

My friend Lori and I were able to set the navigation system and cruise control, and chit chat our way to Cincinnati and back on that single tank of gas. Heading into the parking garage {and around the same block four times before finding it} was a snap – despite the hilarity of passing the entrance again and again – because the car turned smoothly and easily.

Once we handed the keys to the valet, checked into the room, and kicked off our shoes, we were ready for some mom time.

Do Something That Recharges You

Every mom is different. Some love crowds, comedy, dancing, and action. Some prefer quiet plays, restaurants, and walks. I’m a little in between.

And I’m a geek.

I love to learn, and feel my freshest when I’m in great conversations with smart people. And that’s why I love conferences. I have gone to at least one or two conferences a year since I first started teaching, attending teacher conferences then. I’ve gone to writing conferences, parenting conferences, homeschool conferences, blogging conferences, and more – all depending on my current interests and needs.

Mom's Weekend Away

I love to learn.

If conferences aren’t your thing, head to a hotel nearby with a friend and go out for dinner, head to a great shopping area, and finish your overnight with a massage or pedicure, then sleep in and order room service for brunch before heading back to reality.

The point, though, is taking time to connect with a friend, and recharge your own batteries.

Treat Yourself

Lori and I went out one of the nights to an amazing Italian restaurant. We ordered appetizers and wine, dinner and drinks, and finished it all off with an amazing Tiramisu and a glass of ah-mazing champagne the bartender treated us to because it was so busy while we were there.

Mom's Weekend Away

I don’t know about you, but I don’t get a lot of chances to take long, luxurious 4-hour dinners out with friends when I’m home. We talked and talked… and laughed a lot. Then, we headed back to our room and talked some more – until Lori fell asleep while I was still talking. Um… I can be a little social at times…

Realize That Simple is Amazing

You don’t have to go far or for long to have a wonderful time and recharge yourself. A night in a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast with a concert or play works well. A conference… even an amusement park if you’re a thrill-seeker… the point is that you’re doing something for you, and you’ll be ready to get back into your routine when you head back to reality at the end of it.

Even when your reality means you have to give back the snappy blue Hyundai Sonata Eco and hop back in your minivan to take the kids to homeschool zoo classes…

Your turn – have you gone on a mom’s weekend or getaway recently? Do you have plans to go? What recharges you? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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