Quality Time With Kids Easy Kid Date Ideas

Quality Time and 100 Easy Kid Date Ideas

Trevor and I had the opportunity to attend a homeschool class by ourselves — a rare treat. It was really nice to spend the day with just him, out in the sunshine.

The Farmpark class we attended was themed, “Springtime on the Farm,” and we looked forward to seeing all of the baby animals, grinding some corn, and helping the workers do some planting. Some heavy-duty farm work, and time to talk.

Quality time.

Quality Time With Kids Easy Kid Date Ideas

Busy moms don’t get a chance to talk to their kids one on one very often. Time is eaten up with all the day to day dramas, fires to put out, meals to plan, clean up to do, and on and on…

Why Should You Date Your Kids?

When we arrived at the park, we were sent to the milking parlor where a Farmpark worker talked about cows: what they eat, how their milk is extracted with pumps {no longer the hand-milking of the past}, and then sent to holding containers until the dairy truck comes to pick it up. Incredibly, as she said this, the dairy truck pulled up and we watched the driver hook up to the containers, empty them, and drive away. Then, each of the kids hand-milked the cow she had been talking about.

Because I didn’t have three other little ones to tend to, I was able to focus completely on my son. He could answer questions — and ask them, as his mind is insatiably curious. And, when his asynchrony showed, like when he finished chatting up the cheese maker about microorganisms and their role in the curdling process, then tried to balance on the pig pen half wall, fell in amidst the piglets, and finished our visit to the barn area by lamenting over the unfair life of the runt. What if parents chose not to give their sickliest child a full meal? What if one day we all chose to model behavior after other mammals, and treated our children in similar fashion. 

We were able to go grab a snack, take a few minutes, and talk about injustice.

Kids are challenging. Each is unique, and has special needs that you must recognize and celebrate. It’s really hard to do that in the middle of the grind. Spending one-on-one quality time with our kids is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

Quality Time With Kids Easy Kid Date Ideas

We can’t get lost time back. How often have you heard an older person tell you that childhood is precious, and that you should cherish your kids while they’re little? They grow up so fast, they say.

Taking your kids out on “mom dates” or “dad dates” forces you to slow down and cherish them each individually.

How Often Should You Spend Quality Time with Each Kid?

It’s hard to find one one one time for each of your kids when you’re a busy mom. Throw homeschooling or working into the mix, and it becomes an even bigger challenge. I once had the dream of spending alone time with each one of my kids once a week.

And then I had a few more, started working from home, and threw homeschooling into the mix.

There are some weeks that the dishes pile up and I haven’t vacuumed for days. It’s completely unrealistic for me to expect to find individual time with each of my four kids and my husband every single week. And you might be in the same boat.

It’s okay. I think the important thing is to make sure that your kids know that you’re there for them completely. So, if that means you’re all playing in the sprinkler in the yard or cooking a meal together, that’s okay.

Try, though, to take quality time alone with each of your kids at least once or twice a month. Your family will be so much stronger for it.Quality Time With Kids Easy Kid Date Ideas

100 Easy Kid Date Ideas

Remember that your kids don’t need spectacularly planned and elaborate dates — they just need you. Here are 100 easy ideas to get you started:

  1. Go out for ice cream.
  2. Run to the dollar store and buy something silly.
  3. Enjoy special themed nights at restaurants {Chick fil a has parent-child date nights in our area}.
  4. Go out to lunch.
  5. Go to the zoo.
  6. Head to an arcade loaded up with quarters.
  7. Try fishing together.
  8. Learn a new skill by taking a class together.
  9. Go to the park and play.
  10. Grocery shop together {really… my kids LOVE being the one to come with me and pick out a surprise that wasn’t on the list to share with the others}.
  11. Paint pottery together.
  12. Head to a movie.
  13. Check out a museum together.
  14. Try the Omnimax theater at a local science center.
  15. Stroll through the botanical gardens.
  16. Feed the ducks at the park.
  17. Go for a hike.
  18. Take a dance class.
  19. Go to a play.
  20. Visit an outdoors store — my kids love Cabelas.
  21. Take your child to breakfast.
  22. Play basketball together at the park.
  23. Go to the art store and buy supplies, then head somewhere to test them out.
  24. Kick a soccer ball around in a big field.
  25. Go to the batting cages.
  26. Head to an amusement park.
  27. Sneak out before everyone’s awake for coffee and hot chocolate at Starbucks.
  28. Grab the clubs and head to the driving range.
  29. Go ice skating.
  30. Dress up and go out to a fancy meal so you and your kids can practice manners.
  31. Go to the pet store to browse.
  32. Head to your kid’s favorite restaurant.
  33. Have a picnic.
  34. Go visit a police or fire station {and bring cookies for them}.
  35. Play mini golf.
  36. Go to a sporting event.
  37. Go play laser tag.
  38. Head to an indoor playground.
  39. Go to a coffee shop together and have a big work and chat session {my son usually works ahead on school work while I write}.
  40. See the monster truck races the next time they’re in town.
  41. See fireworks together.
  42. Go to a summer festival.
  43. Walk along the beach — and play in the water.
  44. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
  45. Ride scooters in the skate park.
  46. Go for a long bike ride.
  47. Run in  race together.
  48. Go to the library and check out some fun books and movies to share.
  49. Create a recipe together.
  50. Have a pedicure together.Quality Time With Kids Easy Kid Date Ideas
  51. Go rock climbing.
  52. Enjoy a gourmet cupcake shop together.
  53. Go for a night in a hotel and swim and watch movies late into the night.
  54. Go shopping.
  55. Take an art class.
  56. Take a cooking class.
  57. Walk with him around your college campus.
  58. Take your child to play on the playground at the elementary school you went to.
  59. Visit your old neighborhood and take a walk, showing your child where all of your friends lived.
  60. Try a new restaurant and pretend you’re a judge on Food Network — critique the meal.
  61. Go get your daughter’s ears pierced.
  62. Buy something frivolous.
  63. Go on a phot scavenger hunt — draw up a list of things to find and do, then photograph them all. Print the photos into a book on Shutterfly and give it to your child to remember the date.
  64. Take an exercise class together.
  65. Go to a bookstore and browse for hours.
  66. Head to a concert.
  67. Spend the day at the beach.
  68. Buy a craft kit or LEGO set and work together on it.
  69. Go to a garden center and buy the materials to plant a themed garden together {pizza garden, fairy garden, container garden, etc.}
  70. Serve at a soup kitchen together.
  71. Go out and perform Random Acts of Kindness.
  72. Go to a coffee shop and play cards or a board game together.
  73. Have a book club — read the books throughout the month, then go out for a donut and talk about them together.
  74. Go out for frozen yogurt.
  75. Find the biggest and coolest candy store around and go pick out some favorites.
  76. Tour a chocolate factory.
  77. Visit your city’s historical society.
  78. Go camping.
  79. Go swimming at the community pool.
  80. Find a tea shop and go have a tea party.
  81. Go clothes shopping {my daughter love Justice, and would be very excited to go pick something out there}.
  82. Go to hear the orchestra.
  83. Visit a farmer’s market.
  84. Head to a working farm or farm park and visit the animals.
  85. Visit a trampoline park.
  86. Take a zoo class together.
  87. Go to the aquarium.
  88. Take the dog for a walk.
  89. Visit an elderly family member and bring them dinner.
  90. Go to the ballet.
  91. Go stargazing.
  92. Visit a planetarium.
  93. Go bowling.
  94. Scrapbook together, talking about the pictures you’re saving.
  95. Walk in the rain and stomp in puddles.
  96. Walk in the meadow looking for praying mantis oothecae or butterfly chrysalids.
  97. Explore a nearby river.
  98. Go creek walking.
  99. Play with sidewalk chalk and bubbles.
  100. Go fly a kite.

No matter what you do, your kids just want you. Spend time together and be fully present while you’re with them. Our kids, won’t remember that the house was clean, the car was washed, the paperwork was caught up, but they will remember a day on the farm with you. They’ll remember a “date” for apple juice and pastry at Starbucks. They’ll talk to their own kids about donuts on Sunday after church.

Those are the memories that count. Create them – your children will thank you.

What are some of your best ideas for date night with your kids? How do you already spend quality time with each of them? I’d love for you to share — leave a comment below.


Quality Time and Kid Dates

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