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New Year, New Talks, New Reasons to Attend Great Homeschool Conventions

We are officially in the roaring 20’s, and I could not be more excited about all that awaits us in the new year! We’re settled into our new home, the kiddos are at some seriously fun ages, and I have more opportunities than ever to travel and speak to families like yours. One of my most favorite speaking engagements remains my partnership with Great Homeschool Conventions, and this year promises to be a great one! 

 great homeschool conventions


Each year I get the privilege of meeting so many of you in person, hearing your stories, sharing your tears, and really connecting over our shared struggles and experiences. I’ll be returning to all 7 GHC events this year with two brand-new talks that I know will benefit your homeschool and family. GHC has proven to be a fantastic resource for homeschooling families, and each year they invite me to speak and address the needs of the gifted and differently-wired community, an honor I don’t take lightly. Between the time spent chatting in the booth and in my Facebook group, I’ve been able to identify and address some very pressing needs that affect so many of you – the struggles of raising atypical children, and worry. 

When homeschooling – and parenting – an atypical child, burnout is a very real struggle that frequently threatens to rear its ugly head. Maybe you’re looking for tips, maybe you’re at the end of your rope, but whatever point you find yourself at on this journey, your main goal is always to help your child thrive. These kiddos of ours require more than the typical homeschoolers, which means they require more of us as parents. In my new talk, “Your Differently-Wired Homeschool: 10 Strategies to Help Your Atypical Children Thrive” I’ll address not only practical steps to take as you guide your child towards success, but also how you can best remain calm, determined, and free of the burnout monster. 

Anxiety is one of the most popular topics plaquing gifted and differently-wired kiddos, coming up frequently in my Facebook group, my podcast, and yes, in person. My second talk, “Taming the Worry Dragon: A Stress, Anxiety, & Perfectionism Toolkit for Parents” promises to be one you’ll want to listen to over and over. Homeschoolers, parents, loved ones, caregivers… absolutely anyone who loves an anxious or stressed child will walk away empowered with tools to help identify and manage their big feelings. Stress and anxiety are very, very real, and only seem to be on the rise. You’ll absolutely want to attend Great Homeschool Conventions this year to be a part of the discussion and learn how you can best help your child. 

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I cannot wait to meet you in person, hear your stories, share some chocolate and hugs, and maybe even chat with your kiddos! I know that this year’s talks will encourage you, strengthen your skills, and help you to leave encouraged and knowing that you can do this very hard thing called parenting. Make sure to register for an event near you, and use the coupon code RLLGHC to receive $5 off your registration fee! 

You are not alone in your struggles. Come out to Great Homeschool Conventions to build your library, build your community, but more importantly, to build your toolbox and confidence as the parent of an atypical kiddo. Come expecting to laugh, cry, eat a bit of chocolate, and to be understood and empowered. Come for your homeschool, but leave strengthened for your family. See you there.