Create an On-the-Go Baby Survival Kit

Creating an On-the-Go Baby Survival Kit

We have lots of new or soon-to-be moms around us, and the kids always want to do something special for them, so I was excited to participate with Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser in the #MagicBabyMoments campaign. #CollectiveBias We had the chance to get creative and come up with a fabulous and fun “on-the-go baby survival kit” to give, spreading kindness (and practicality) to new mamas in our lives.

Create an On-the-Go New Baby Survival Kit

With four kids, I’ve had my share of oops moments while out and about with babies and toddlers, and I’ve learned to be prepared. Seriously… if it can happen, it has happened to us. The most notorious in our household included a toddler who had been just fine during the entire morning and hour-long drive to the museum we were headed to, only to vomit all over my husband as he lifted her out of her car seat in the museum parking lot.

He was the only one I didn’t have an emergency stash of clothes for in the van. We cleaned her up, got her and the disappointed siblings back in the van, and then realized my poor husband was dripping and could not get into our van in what he was wearing. If I see you in person sometime, I might be persuaded to finish the story of our drive home over a glass of wine…

Our van is now a veritable storehouse of emergency clothes and supplies. And the on-the-go baby survival kit is my favorite to gift others as it sets those new moms up to think ahead for any eventuality.

Create an On-the-Go New Baby Survival Kit

What’s in Our On-the-Go Baby Survival Kit Gift Basket?

I use the super cute Disney Baby line of apparel and essentials at Walmart as the base for my on-the-go baby survival kit gift for new mamas in our life. The characters are adorable, the products durable, and the price is fantastic! And there are so many things to choose from.

And who doesn’t love Disney?

Here’s one we just made for an amazing mama-to-be. Our former babysitter has a special place in the kids’ hearts, and will be etched there forever. Since the kids have great memories of watching The Lion King with her, they chose Lion King Baby as their theme. We tucked all the essentials for the car into the basket underneath the plant, and gave her the bin separately.

Create an On-the-Go New Baby Survival Kit

Are you ready to make one, too? The essentials for being ready for any eventuality when traveling with baby – whether across the state or around the block – are these:

extra diapers – While we began cloth diapering our fourth child, I still like to keep disposables on-hand for emergencies.

wipes – These are a must for kids of all ages. Baby wipes can clean bottoms, inevitable spills, sticky fingers and faces, and so much more.

zipper bags – I love the versatility of zipper top bags. They can act as wet bags for soiled clothes and burp clothes, trash bags for stinky diapers, and even treasure collectors for your baby’s older siblings who like to collect pretty rocks or pine cones.

flannel receiving blankets – My youngest is 2 1/2 and I still keep flannel receiving blankets in the van, in my diaper bag, and stashed throughout the house. We’ve used them to wipe up spills, as towels, sunscreens, stroller shades, and so much more. They’re small, versatile, and they wash up really well.

fleece blanket – This is for those time when your little one is cold. Tuck it in a car seat, wrap it around them in the stroller, drape it over them when you’re wearing them, etc.

extra outfit – This one is a no brainer if you know babies. They will spit up or have a leaky diaper or have a complete and total blow out every single time you forget to pack an extra outfit. So always, always have one. Or three.

toys – A stuffed animal, some teethers, lightweight toys to hang from the ceiling with safety pins, or small board books come in handy to keep baby happy on a car ride.

Create an On-the-Go New Baby Survival Kit

water and snacks – This one’s for mama. Keeping a bottle of water and a few snacks handy is a great idea for nursing moms who may have to stop for an unexpected nursing session.

baby wrap, carrier, or sling – I’ve loved several different slings and wraps over the course of my four babies, but the one I keep in my van for emergencies is a simple length of cotton gauze fabric. I have a woven wrap I love, but I don’t want to keep it in the van because I use it at home, too. By keeping the homemade wrap in the van, I know that I always have one in case I forget my woven or my carrier. I’m never without something to help me carry baby hands-free if I need it.

first aid kit – I like to make sure we’re covered for minor issues and injuries, so I include a small first aid kit, and basic medicines in the on-the-go baby survival kits I give to friends and family and in my own survival kits. I keep an antihistamine, fever reducer, chafed skin cream, sunblock, and first aid ointment.

money – Stashing a twenty dollar bill in the on-the-go baby survival kit has come in handy more time than I care to admit. It’s always a good idea to have some emergency cash on hand.

Pulling the On-the-Go Baby Survival Kit Gift Basket Together

Walmart is my go-to for gifts like this because you can get everything you need in one place. From nonperishable snacks to baby supplies to first aid kits…it’s all there for a great price.

Create an On-the-Go New Baby Survival Kit

I found the Disney Baby items in the baby section against the wall, and loaded up on Lion King items. I grabbed a super-soft fleece giraffe blanket that came with Baby Simba’s arms wrapped around it – a special toy and warm blanket in one! The four pack of flannel receiving blankets were perfect, too.

From the fabric section, I had 6 yards of cotton gauze fabric cut, and then asked the adorably sweet lady at the desk to cut in in half lengthwise for me. She did since it was easy for her on her table with the cut guide, and nobody else was waiting. I instantly had two no-sew emergency wraps in tan fabric that matched the receiving blankets perfectly!

I grabbed the rest of the things I needed and headed home to put it all together.

I love keeping my on-the-go survival kits in plastic bins with lids, and packaged this gift in one, too. Now our sweet baby sitter turned mama will have everything she needs to handle any crazy, unexpected moments while out and about, and she’ll be reminded of my kids and their movie nights every time she looks at Baby Simba.

It’s your turn – what baby emergency essentials would you pack in your own on-the-go baby survival kit? Leave a comment; I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Create an On-the-Go New Baby Survival Kit

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