A Review of the Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum for Twice-Exceptional Learners

With a twelve year old son, I’m starting to feel the ominous shadow of high school looming. Like most homeschool moms, I worry that I haven’t done enough to prepare my child for the challenges and increased academic rigor he’s sure to face as he gets into his high school years. I especially worry about subjects like grammar and composition – you know the subjects boys tend to rebel against…

In fact, we haven’t really done anything in the way of a formal grammar program, and I have been panicking slightly. I was intrigued when offered the opportunity to check out a new curriculum. {I was provided with it and compensated for my time; as always the opinions are mine alone.} The Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum {PAC} English Grammar Skills seemed unique at first glance.


a review of the paradigm accelerated curriculum


Trevor is not a paper-pencil-workbook-loving homeschooler. And, while we’ve tried a few different language arts programs in the past, they haven’t worked out for my asynchronous learner. I have been looking for the perfect fit.

I not only believe that I’ve found the perfect grammar program, but my husband and I are discussing which other courses we want to purchase for our incredibly fidgety twice-exceptional son. I love the way this curriculum is set up.


Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum Works for Twice-Exceptional Children

The PAC English Grammar program is written with kids like Trevor in mind. While a highly gifted child isn’t necessarily thought of as high-risk, because he struggles with sensory processing issues and ADHD as well, he is. Traditional text and workbook based programs aren’t a great fit.


a review of the paradigm accelerated curriculum


The Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is research-based:

  • Right and left brain functions are merged in the design. Kids read the lesson {left brain} while they engage in images through their peripheral vision {right brain}. Pulling these functions together in each lesson has helped Trevor go from taking h-o-u-r-s to complete a single page to averaging about 15 minutes an activity page in just eight lessons.
  • Faces positioned near key concepts engage kids’ emotions to aid in recall. PAC uses marketing techniques to play on kids’ emotions by positioning pleasing and wholesome faces. It works. Trevor is the kind of kid who loves telling everyone what he knows. He’s talking grammar now. All the time. And… he’s correcting the grammar others use. He makes his grammar-snob mama proud.
  • Consistency in design leads to confidence. Each lesson, quiz, and test in the Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is set up the same. Kids know what to expect. The structure and design encourages them to work as quickly as they feel comfortable. Trevor tackles quizzes like a champ, and has taken on more and more each week. I’m impressed with his progress and confidence.
  • Character lessons are embedded throughout each lesson. This is one of my favorite pieces of the curriculum. Each lesson includes a life principle. Educating the whole child is important, and any program that can make my 12 year old son say things to me like, “A true friend never gets in your way unless you’re going down,” is a winner to me. These features make it the perfect fit for a twice-exceptional child. While he works through the course, not only is he learning the curriculum, but he is training himself how to focus.


a review of the paradigm accelerated curriculum


What Does a PAC Course Include?

While we are using the English Grammar program geared for eighth graders for our sixth grader, Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum offers science, math, and history programs in addition to English/language arts. These programs were created for at-risk high school students, and can be used for high school credit.

I think they’re a great fit for gifted middle or upper elementary aged kids too, and we will be ordering additional subjects for Trevor to use because he really enjoys the structure of this program.

The full course kit comes with:

  • individually saddle-stitched text books
  • individually saddle-stitched student activity books
  • a teacher guide that includes tests and quizzes


I like that the course is broken down into five or six separate booklets instead of keeping it all in one textbook. For a child like Trevor, who gets overwhelmed when there is too much going on, having it broken up is wonderful. It makes it more manageable.

Besides the print option, Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum also offers a digital version of their course with an audio enhancement to appeal to those kids who need the auditory piece. They are also working toward adding in QR codes to allow kids to access extra content via their smartphones.


a review of the paradigm accelerated curriculum


Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum offers various discounts:

  • 40% off for homeschool groups (minimum purchase $1000)
  • 40% off for single parents
  • 20%  off for ministry families
  • 20%  off for military families
  • 20%  off for farmers and ranchers
  • 20%  off for first responders
  • 20%  off for foster parents

Contact them at 325-649-0976 for a discount code to use during the checkout process if you fit into one of these categories. Follow Paradigm on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or You Tube to learn more about them.

Overall, I think this is a great program, and I’m looking forward to continuing with the English Grammar course and picking up new courses in the coming years. If you have a wiggly, easily-distractible middle or high schooler, this curriculum is definitely worth looking into.