Raising Resilient Sons

Build a strong, confident, and emotionally intelligent family

Your guide to raising boys who bounce back from adversity, stand up for what’s right, and nurture their relationships — helping them grow into the strong men they’re meant to be. 

“Colleen brings loads of practical ideas for nurturing our sons and building up a strong family full of rich connections. I already know this is a book I’ll want to read again and again!”


Raising Resilient Sons takes the stance that boyhood is unique and should be celebrated. Peppered with personal anecdotes and sound research, this is a book that should be on every parent’s book shelf.”


What you’ll

find inside:


Help your sons recognize & regulate their emotions.


Help your sons develop empathetic listening skills.


Nurture positive and lasting relationships with your sons.


Help your sons tackle life with a growth mindset. 


Develop coping skills as a family so you can support one another. 


Build a toolbox of strategies for growing resiliency.

Raising Resilient Sons: A Boy Mom’s Guide to Building a Strong, Confident, and Emotionally Intelligent Family is out NOW and can be found anywhere you buy books!


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