101 Reasons to Homeschool

101 Reasons to Homeschool

I went into homeschooling with a bit of trepidation all those years ago…after all, I enjoyed writing books and having time while the kids were away to focus on my freelance writing. But, things shift, and I’m now a huge advocate for homeschooling – especially when you have gifted kids.

Still not convinced?

101 Reasons to Homeschool


Check out these reasons to homeschool – some are serious, others light-hearted, but all are things our family loves about this lifestyle of learning we find ourselves following. Ready to join us on the rabbit trail?

Academic Reasons to Homeschool


1.  Kids can learn at their own pace.

2.  They can study a wide variety of topics

3.  Children can dig deeper into topics that interest them.

4.  Kids can help create their own curriculum.

5.  Younger kids learn things by watching older kids.

6.  Learning can happen anytime, anywhere.

7.  Kids are able to discuss and explore thoughts and ideas without fear of ridicule.

8.  When they’re done with their work for the day, they’re done…no extra busy work or homework.

9.  Children learn life skills – cooking, caring for others, and all the things that go along with running a home.

10. They can take frequent breaks if they need to.

11. Creativity is nurtured and celebrated.

12. Imagination is cultivated.

13. Work is real, and done for mastery – not a grade.

14. It’s easy to accommodate different learning needs.

15. Kids can learn in the ways they learn best.

16. Children learn to challenge assumptions and think for themselves.

17. Kids can have their needs met – whatever they are.

18. Parents can find the right curriculum for each individual learner.

19. Kids aren’t compared to other kids their age.

20. Things can be changed as needed – have them create a stop motion animation instead of writing definitions for awhile, etc.

21. Parents can find out what their kids are good at, and use that to teach them.

22. They won’t be “left behind.”

23. They also won’t “fall through the cracks.”

24. It takes less time to do lessons when the distractions of “school” are removed.

25. The student-to-teacher ratio is fabulously low.

26. Parents can enrich kids’ strengths.

27. They can also work on their weaknesses.

28. Time to explore future career ideas.

29. Average higher scores on standardized tests.

30. Fewer complaints of “being bored,” as instruction is individualized.

31. Parents can use real-life experiences to teach – raising animals, caring for siblings, and budgeting for vacations.

32. A child’s natural sense of wonder can be preserved.


101 Reasons to Homeschool


Social and Emotional Reasons to Homeschool


33. Less peer pressure to deal with.

34. More time to play.

35. Exposure to kids and adults of all ages, building better relationships.

36. Varied opportunities from day to day.

37. Kids grow to be independent thinkers.

38. Parents can grow kids to become lifelong learners.

39. There are fewer opportunities where kids can be bullied.

40. Children can be sheltered (to a greater degree) from some of the unfortunate influences that are affecting our kids earlier than before – weapons, drugs, sex, etc. – for longer and until they’re older and can handle things better.

41. Families really get to know each other – instead of spending the best part of the day apart, brothers, sisters, and parents get that time with each other, building the most important relationships.

42. They can relax and be themselves – there’s no need to conform to the masses, homeschooling offers the perfect (safe) environment to be who they are.

43. Parents can see faults and vices that need worked on, and help children through those on a day to day basis.

44. Character training can happen all the time.

45. Behavior problems are able to be dealt with quickly and consistently.

46. Parents can be the primary influences on their children – I know that there are other amazing people in this world and great teachers who can positively impact my kids’ lives, but nobody can ever love them and fight for their potential and hearts like I can.

47. Kids can work with their families to help them through difficulties and trials.

48. Everyone in the family grows in grace – when kids are watching us day in and day out, it can be humbling to see our weaknesses glaring back at us. With humility comes grace.

49. Children become empowered when their ideas are heard and validated.

50. Siblings have opportunities to become friends – one of the biggest complaints I hear from friends whose kids go to school is that their children don’t want to play together and spend most of their time fighting. While homeschooling doesn’t eradicate all sibling rivalry, it gives kids more opportunities to be kind to one another and become friends.

51. Children learn to play with and appreciate kids of all ages – our house has become a destination house for the neighborhood kids many reasons, but one of the main ones is that all ages are welcome and expected to play together well.

52. Kids learn to serve – others in their family as well as those outside their home. Homeschooling affords the time to teach kids to spread kindness all the time.

53. Family bonds are stronger when kids are with their parents more than others.

54. Homeschooling gives busy dads more chances to be influential in their kids’ (especially their sons’) lives.

55. Lessons can be infused with family values and beliefs.

56. Allows parents to limit negative influences on their children’s character.

57. Kids are able to learn in a safe and supportive learning environment.

58. Families can learn together – everywhere.


101 Reasons to Homeschool

Unexpected Reasons to Homeschool


59. Kids and parents can use essential oils to help stay healthy, handle anxiety, focus attention, and give an extra boost to manage special needs and intensity.

60. Children eat better – being right by the kitchen means access to healthy snacks all day long.

61. School can be taken outside.

62. Sick days can still be education-filled.

63. Kids can cuddle with their pets while homeschooling.

64. Read alouds can take place anytime, anywhere.

65. Children learn to cook meals and snacks.

66. Kids are more confident.

67. Parents can be there to see all the “light bulb” moments kids go through as they learn new things.

68. The ability to travel during the off season is great.

69. Families can go to museums and parks during the school week when there are no crowds.

70. Labels don’t matter – parents can meet children where they are (wherever that is) and help them learn new things every single day.

71. Kids learn time management skills.

72. Learning in a homeschool setting is more like college than typical school settings are, preparing children more appropriately for when they leave home.

73. Children don’t get sick as often when they homeschool as they do in traditional school settings.


101 Reasons to Homeschool

Kids’ Reasons to Homeschool


74. Every day can be pajama day.

75. Their birthdays are holidays.

76. Kids can get the sleep they need – and sleep in, so no more crazy mornings.

77. The field trips rock. (I love this reason, too. When I taught, I hated field trip days because kids saw it as a day off, and goofed around, not really getting all that I wanted them to get out of it so it seemed like a waste of a day.)

78. They can do their work anywhere (my son’s favorite is to take a camp chair out onto our front stoop and watch the cars go by while he works).

79. My kids love listening to music while they work – and they can with homeschooling.

80. Freedom to go to the bathroom, eat, and snack whenever they need to.

81. They don’t have to wait until others are done before they move on.

82. Hot chocolate – we do Bible study with graham crackers and hot chocolate every morning.

83. Kids get to see (and talk to) their friends in classes that interest them – the museums and botanical gardens around here have fabulous classes that the kids love, and we coordinate the days we attend with the ones our friends go to so it’s a play date and learning opportunity rolled into one.

84. Children get to be themselves.


101 Reasons to Homeschool


85. Kids get to learn for the sake of learning – not to pass a test or mark a box on a list of set standards.

86. There is little wasted time – whether it’s waiting in lines, riding a bus, or standing outside for fire drills. Time is used well and completely.

87. School lessons can include things on video games.

88. Netflix makes for real learning across the curriculum.

89. From my son – “I don’t have to be medicated anymore. We can adjust my food, give me breaks, and use essential oils for my attention issues.”

90. Kids can have a later bedtime, staying up to spend time with family members that work during the day.

91. There are more opportunities for kids to work on hobbies.

92. Kids can work with fewer distractions than there are in typical classroom settings.

93. There are no “mean teachers” (except when Mom is having a bad day).

94. Kids can do their school work while eating lunch.

95. Kids don’t have to rush to finish eating.

96. Children can make their own schedules as they get older.

97. They can have lots of recess breaks.

98. From my daughter – “I can read and read and read and read….”

99. From my younger daughter – “We use candy and cereal to count with for math.”

100. They can learn with their toys – like LEGO, Snap Circuits, and games.

101. And, my favorite reason to homeschool my kids is that they’re mine. They’re my responsibility, my joy, and my greatest and most important job. I want them to have the best life possible, and I know that homeschooling can give that to them.

What about you? What is you favorite reason to homeschool your kids?

101 Reasons to Homeschool

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