Strew to Learn | Five Days of Inspiration and Support For Strewing In Your Homeschool

What is strewing and how can it help you homeschool? We strew to learn in our day to day and it has made all the difference. This is all about how strewing works and everything you need to get started.


I love to sleep in, snuggled deep into my covers, all cozy warm while the world gets started without me.

It’s a little piece of Heaven.

Two of my children are just like me in that regard, and for that, they’ll always be my favorites. Shhhhh… don’t tell the other two. ::wink::

The other two are the type of morning people night owls like me love to hate. They wake up talking. Ready to tackle the adventures of the day. And they want to drag non-morning people like me along with them, not understanding why we can’t form coherent sentences right off the bat.

And so I thought I was doomed to be a homeschool failure from the start.

But I wasn’t.

Strewing saved my mornings, and taught me that learning really does happen all the time.



🎉Happy New Year! Are you all as exhausted as I am? My kids fought their way through and made it to midnight… and then the big two wanted to chat. ::yawn:: It was two am before they finally fell asleep. 😴 . Were you all up late yesterday? How are you coping? . While it’s SO important to be there for the teen and tween when they want to talk, my littles STILL get up early. And I’m just not a morning person. (I’m secretly waiting until these last two are tweens that want to sleep in too.) 🤣🤞🏻 . To save my sanity I set out a #curiosty-sparking tray of rocks and gems, a few books, and a poster about rocks and minerals on the kitchen table. And woke to the little ones telling me which is which, how they were formed and asking if they could paint rocks today and hike to hide them. 😍 . #RaisingLifelongLearners means igniting curiosity and letting them run with it sometimes. I love watching the light of discovery spark in their eyes. 😊 . Did you hear about the photo challenge I’m hosting this month? Swipe to see the prompts and join in! Today’s prompt is curiosity and I can’t wait to see your posts! And… only a few weeks until the Raising Lifelong Learner podcast is live so you can hear me chat with others about the ways in which they spark learning fun in their homes! Follow along and let a friend know about it too! It’s going to be a blast! 🎉🎉🎧

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Our homeschool has evolved over the years as I’ve gotten out of the way, and let my kids drive their own learning. I fill our home with fun and educational games, open-ended toys, amazing books, engaging documentaries, and give the kids rich experiences, and then watch what they get excited about and give them more of it.

I strew to inspire learning, creativity, and a love of exploration.

People ask all the time about the things I strew and how to do it because I share about it on Instagram and during my weekly Facebook Live chats.

And to answer them — and you! — I’m bringing you a quick and easy, no-fuss, chock-full of inspiration and ideas, five day series to encourage others to incorporate more strewing into the day.

Strew to Learn - Five Day Series of Support and Inspiration for Strewing Success


The Strew To Learn In Your Homeschool Series

I hope this series inspires you to enjoy your kids and their learning more and more. You have amazing kiddos with great ideas, and those kids know what they love when they find it. When we act as facilitators of learning, rather than impart-ers of knowledge, we give our kids ownership of their own learning, and we make it more fun for them. And, truthfully, more fun for us as well.



What You’ll Get

  • One email a day for five days focusing on the benefits and practice of strewing
  • My best tips and inspiration for using strewing to create a more delight-directed and child-led approach to your homeschool
  • Access to a growing library of subscriber-only resources, discounts, monthly giveaways, AND my favorite resources for strewing, gaming, reading, and learning
  • Support and encouragement via weekly newsletters and in a brand-new private Facebook Community for Raising Lifelong Learners (coming soon!) readers and listeners
  • And, for those of you following the series during its inaugural weeks (before February 9th, 2018), a chance to win a rock and gem collection to strew — curated just for you by my kiddos as an example of one of their favorite things for me to strew (details below)

How to Join: Strew to Learn | Five Days of Inspiration and Support

Strew to Learn - Five Day Series of Support and Inspiration for Strewing Success

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