Survival on the Reef by Colleen Kessler

Animal adaptations, symbiosis, and survival -- teaching these topics to your kids can seem overwhelming. Not any more!  

Learn why parrotfish blow a mucous sac around themselves when they sleep. Work with your kids to grow a crystal garden and connect its growth to the way coral polyps grow.


Survival on the Reef makes it easy and fun to learn about adaptations!

Amazing Animals and Their Adaptations

Your kids will learn all about the parrotfish and its slimy sleeping bag, along with many other interesting facts about a coral reef's inhabitants while completing the activities found in this book. The exciting activities in this book focus on the environment of the reef, its inhabitants, and the ways these animals have adapted to their world. Your children will learn to "take action" and apply their learning in real-world ways to help protect the environment.

Throughout the book -- which can be used as a life science unit -- kids will be challenged to question, seek answers, observe systems and organisms' roles in those systems, and more. All while experimenting, creating, and exploring hands-on.

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Survival on the Reef by Colleen Kessler