Pulling Together a Viking Unit Study

One of the things I love most about homeschooling is that we’re free to spend as much or as little time on a topic as we want to. And, if interests are reignited, we can study the same topic again with greater depth. Like Vikings and Viking recipes.

The Vikings keep finding their way into our homeschool studies and our play. And, they’re back again. So, it was the perfect time to dive into the resources available from my favorite online curriculum resource, Currclick.com.

Pulling Together a Viking Unit Study

Have you visited Currclick before? Not only is it a family-run {homeschooling family} company, but it’s affordable, eclectic, and fun. I seriously find all sorts of free and low-cost materials every single time I visit the site. There are great online classes, too.

It’s a crazy-busy month, so I’ll be breaking from our regular schooling to follow the kids’ interests a bit. Since they’re all pumped up on Vikings again after watching How to Train Your Dragon II, they want to make Viking bread again and learn more.

We headed to the Currclick site together to see what they had to offer on the topic of Vikings. We found tons of great resources:


From unit studies to lapbooks, timeline figures, historical novels, and even an online class beginning in the spring – there were so many great things to choose from.

We ended up downloading the In the Hands of a Child Project Pack because I’ve used their lapbooks before and find them to be very well-done – and it was on sale from $21.99 to $5.00 in Currclick’s Christmas Sale. We also bought Stories of the Vikings an eBook of traditional Norse Viking stories to use as our read aloud {maybe while that Viking bread is baking and we’re waiting the hour it takes to finish}. And, since we began keeping timeline notebooks this past year, I picked up the Timeline Add-Ons because they were on sale for $0.25!

An entire unit study to give us a chance to follow the Vikings on new adventures – all for under $7.00! Since this was all so easy to pull together, we have time to search the internet for more Viking recipes to try this time in addition to the Viking bread we already have made.

Have your kids studied the Vikings yet? What have some of your favorite resources been? I’d love to know what I’m missing.