10 Fabulous Books to Read if You Are Homeschooling Gifted Kids


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A few weeks ago, I wrote a top ten post featuring books for parents of gifted kids. It was a good post, but what I loved most was the fact that so many of you left great resources in the comments for me to add to the list and check out for myself. Be sure to check out that post and the additions I made to the list.

As I’ve been participating in a 10 week “10 in 10” blog hop with the bloggers of the iHomeschool Network, and posting Top Ten Tuesday article according to a pre-determined theme, I’d planned to write about books related to parenting gifted kids separately than homeschooling gifted kids, and some of the suggestions you all left fit into both categories.

While I’m talking today about books that are great for you to check out if you are homeschooling gifted kiddos, not all of them are specifically for gifted homeschoolers. Several are books I think every homeschooler should read.

Like last time, if there’s a book you absolutely love that I omitted, please share it with me in the comments. Even if the book isn’t specifically about homeschooling gifted kids, but you find its approach to homeschooling tailor-made for the way gifted kids think {or your gifted kid thinks}, please share it below. Someone else may have the perfect child for that book.

Here are some of my favorites:


I’ve been blessed to meet Cindy West a few times, have stalked her wonderful blog for years, and share a publisher with her. And, even if none of that were the case, I’d still highly recommend Homeschooling Gifted and Advanced Learners. You can read my full review of this amazing book here… and once you’re through reading through the booklist, check out the end of this post to enter a giveaway to win your own autographed copy of Cindy’s book. You’ll be so blessed – I promise you!




Creative Homeschooling was one of the first books I bought when I started thinking about pulling Trevor from public school. Great Potential Press has some fabulous resources, and this is one of my favorite. It’s at turns a memoir, collection of anecdotes from other parents who homeschool their gifted, and a practical how-to. This really is a must-have.






I’m a big fan of Bright Ideas Press, and I enjoyed Gifted Children at Home very much. This is a practical guide with suggestions, reproducibles, and encouragement.







I haven’t read this one, but it’s now added to my wish list. A practical, Christian book with information about homeschooling gifted children from preschool through college, Educating Your Gifted Child seems to have so many great perspectives from which to draw. I’ll be picking this one up soon.





I love Project-Based Homeschooling, and while I wish my kiddos were more self-directed right now, it’s definitely what we’re shooting for over all. And project-based learning is a great strategy for gifted kids.Our goal is to raise children who value learning for the fun of learning, and this book helps facilitate that mindset. It’s great.





Homeschooling for the Rest of Us is not a book about homeschooling gifted kids. It’s a book about homeschooling when your life is busy, you have more than one kid, you can’t find time to cook and clean, and life seems overwhelming. Really, it’s a book for every homeschooler. Remember that you can’t do it all, and nobody does. This is an affirming book that serves to remind us that there is no perfect homeschool. Read it.





I’d looked at this book several times before finally picking it up. Despite many recommendations, it took me a long time to open it up, and now I’m kicking myself for not having read it sooner. It’s amazing. Seriously, if you’re interested in growing the hearts of your children as well as igniting a spirit of learning, you need to read Educating the WholeHearted Child. It’s really, really good.




I pulled Trevor from public school in February of first grade. In April of that same year, Brian and I went to our first homeschool convention, and I listened to Carol Barnier talk about homeschooling highly distractible kids. And laughed. She was describing Trevor. I bought How to Get Your Child off the Refrigerator and on to Learning, and refer back to it anytime I need reassurance that I’m not the only one who has a mini trampoline in the living room or kids scaling the walls in the stairway in between math problems.





This is a book I turn to again and again. There is no doubt that gifted kids, kids with sensory issues, and kids with ADHD, among other things, are challenging to teach and parent. This book offers hope, help, and suggestions. I love Homeschooling the Challenging Child.





I had the opportunity to preview this book, and just love the author and her work. Educating Your Gifted Child: How One Public School Teacher Embraced Homeschooling explores a topic close to my heart as we’re in the that same demographic — teachers turned homeschoolers.




Did I miss any? What are YOUR favorite books that encourage you as you homeschool your gifted kids?

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