Cue the tears.

And much gnashing of teeth.

It’s math time for the ten year old and this never, ever goes well for us here. Surprising, really, as we don’t typically have trouble with math in this house. Well, I should be completely honest and tell you that I’VE always had trouble with math. Since the time I was small, I’ve struggled with numbers. My brain just isn’t wired for them.

I thought that the math curse had lifted thanks to my husband who is amazing with calculations. It sure seemed so as our oldest thinks algorithmically and can see patterns where I didn’t realize any existed. The eight and five year olds are following in their daddy’s footsteps, too. Unfortunately, though, our ten year old seems to be following in my footsteps, poor kiddo.

She’s a word lover. An amazing writer and voracious reader.

And numbers make her cry.

And, while I wish that I could tell you I’ve found a silver bullet solution, I can’t. This kiddo just isn’t wired to enjoy math like the rest of her family.

And that’s okay.

I’ll keep using the things I’ve used and liked with the others, but I needed to find something different for her.

Enter CTC Math.

An Online Math Solution for Families With Diverse Needs - CTC Math ReviewCTC Math offered me a membership to see if it could work for our family, and compensation to write about how it worked out for us. It works really, really well for that particular kiddo. 

My ten year old isn’t bad at math, despite what she believes. She’s not illogical and doesn’t have any blocks when it comes to the actual mathematics involved in the topics at hand. But she does have a block when faced with workbook or textbook page after page, staring at her on the table.

A computer-based math program would solve some of that challenge, but it wouldn’t have been enough. My daughter needs to be empowered to know that she has the ability to do the problems at hand, and to move forward at her pace.

Like many gifted kids, she loathes doing things she finds unneccesary or repetitive, and she wants to move on once she’s mastered a topic. And, though we prretty much do that with her anyway, for some reason the undone pages in the workbooks were causing her stress, too, even though she knew she didn’t have to go back and do them.

With CTC Math, I can have her take the end of unit exams before she begins a unit and move her on if she gets it sufficiently. CTC Math is a video based curriculum. Lessons a short, and can be rewatched as many times as a kiddo needs to in order to fully understand what’s being asked of them. After the lesson, there are interactive questions to answer or pdfs can be printed out so that kids still get the benefit of writing the math out.

An Online Math Solution for Families With Diverse Needs - CTC Math Review

Note — as a person fascinated by brain research, I’ve read a lot and there is some evidence that suggests that it is important to solve problems with pencil to paper to fully sink them into the brain — especially for those kids for whom numbers don’t come naturally. I like to mix it up — have her do most of the problems on the computer, and then print some of the sheets out periodically.

One of the biggest benefits, though, to CTC Math is that it’s super affordable. Right now we’re only using it with one of our kids, because the others were fully immersed in the programs I’d already chosen and I didn’t want to switch them out, but I may be adding the younger two to the subscription down the road.

A homeschool family membership is super affordable and gives you access to the entire curriculum from grades Kindergarten through High School. For a kiddo that speeds through concepts quickly, and wants to move onto other things that drive their passions, CTC Math is a great way to get them access to a curriculum they can easily accelerate through — taking several years worth of courses in a much shorter period of time.

CTC Math usually offers homeschool families 60% off their subscriptions, but they’ve agreed to go further for my readers. If you follow this link >>> CTC Math for RLL Readers <<< you’ll get the normal 60% off and an additional SIX Months will be added to your membership if you purchase a one-year subscription. That’s 18 months of unlimited access to all their math levels for your whole family, for 60% off a 12-month subscription. Pretty cool.

We talked about it on Facebook Live recently, too. Check out the conversation:


Check out the site and poke around. Let me know what you think.

An Online Math Solution for Families With Diverse Needs - CTC Math Review

Colleen Kessler

Colleen is an explorer, tinkerer, educator, writer, creator, and a passionate advocate for the needs of gifted and twice-exceptional children. She has a B.S. in elementary education, a M.Ed. in gifted studies, is a sought-after national speaker and educational consultant, and is the founder of the popular blog and podcast Raising Lifelong Learners, as well as Raising Poppies, a community of support for parents of gifted children. She lives in northeast Ohio with her four bright and quirky kiddos, patient husband, and ever-changing collection of small reptiles, mammals, and insects.