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When One Child Has A Diagnosis And Their Siblings Are All Neurotypical

“My child was recently diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety, as well as dyslexia and other learning differences. How do I manage the overwhelm of homeschooling her in a way that is appropriate for her learning needs, without comparison with her neurotypical siblings?” 



When I read this listener question, I understood completely the overwhelm and concern. Navigating new diagnoses, trying to figure out the best and most effective way to homeschool, and managing sibling comparisons and expectations is NOT easy. 
The good news is, homeschooling gives us the freedom to adjust to our family’s ever changing needs and create a learning environment that works. 

Your Child Has Just Been Diagnosed. Now What?

Before we begin thinking about how best to use this info in your homeschool, please remember that your child is still the same child they were before all of those letters were attached to their name. It is important for all of us to focus on the child first and not the diagnosis.

A diagnosis is simply good information to help you meet your child’s needs in a more targeted and individualized way. 

This may mean different curriculum choices. It may also mean a different schedule or increased one on one learning. Diagnoses help us figure out the modifications needed to help our children in the areas in which they struggle. They also help us leverage their strengths. 


helping our children understand themselves


Avoiding Comparisons And Meeting Everyone’s Needs

Showing our children that we appreciate each of them for who they truly are, including providing support where they individually need it, is actually one of the best messages we can send to our kids.

We want to celebrate that each of our children brings something unique and exceptional to the family. This includes your child with a diagnosis as well as their siblings. 

You’ll find real life examples of how this works and what your homeschool can look like, despite the differences, in today’s episode of the podcast. 



The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode #182 – When One Child Has A Diagnosis And Their Siblings Are All Neurotypical

This important episode is based on a listener’s questions and concerns about having one child newly diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia and dysgraphia while the rest of her siblings are neurotypical. Colleen responds with real life examples, support and encouragement while providing practical tips to help ease the overwhelm.


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