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Homeschooling High School With Interest-Led Learning

There is a misconception that interest led learning is not appropriate for a high school education in your homeschool. The good news is that all the same benefits of interest-led learning still apply in the middle and high school years.


With Interest-Led Learning

Does Interest-Led Learning Really Count For High School Credit?

One of the first objections I hear from parents has to do with creating a transcript as a record of your interest-led approach.  Please, let me assure you, this is not only doable, but many of us have found that a high school transcript filled with advanced studies in particular topics of interests is actually more impressive to potential universities. 

If you are looking for practical examples of how to create a transcript for this type of learning, I highly recommend Shawna Wingert, from Different By Design Learning’s guide, Creating A High School Transcript That Works.

I love what Shawna says about how she feels about this now that she has graduated one child with an interest-led approach:

After graduating one homeschooler and beginning ninth grade this year with my second, I can honestly say that homeschooling high school is nothing like I thought it would be. While I worried about transcripts and algebra, what mattered most took me by surprise. It may surprise you as well.

Homeschooling High School: What Matters Most May Surprise You


high school homeschool


Following Interests Is Valuable For Neurodivergent Teens

If you have a gifted child, you have probably already experienced the resistance that comes from your child perceiving learning as busywork and/or  unnecessary. Moreover, for differently wired kids, interests can actually be the way they are best able to access learning. 

One of the best ways to help define learning needed for your teen is to assess what they are not only interested in studying, but also what their desire is for the future.

Think of an interest-led homeschool as one that functions more as a college than a high school. Just as a college student declares a major and the bulk of their study is in that topic area with supplemental general education, your interest-led high school can function the same way. 


high school homeschool


The Benefits of Interest-Led Learning For All Tweens and Teens

Allowing interests to guide the educational path you take in your high school has tremendous benefits including:

  • Less resistance
  • Less learner anxiety
  • Increased self-confidence in learning
  • More in-depth studies in topics of interest
  • Self-motivated learning that can be applied in later college and career settings

With this list in mind, if you are considering an interest-led high school homeschool, why not give it a try?


high school homeschool


The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode #175 – Interest-Led Learning For High School

This is the second episode in a two part series, all about the ages and stages of interest-led learning. Join Colleen as she shares practical examples and encouragement for homeschooling high school using an interest-led approach. 


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