interest-led and strength based

What’s The Difference Between Interest-Led and Strength Based Learning?

In this special episode of the Raising Lifelong Learner’s Podcast, Shawna Wingert shares valuable information about getting started with strength-based learning in your homeschool. She also answers a frequently asked question: What is the difference between interest-led and strength-based learning?


interest-led and strength based learning


What’s The Difference Between Interest-Led and Strength Based Learning?

“Interest-led learning is just what it sounds like – letting a child’s interests lead the learning process.” The

This is a simple, but accurate definition of interest-led learning. This type of learning involves taking whatever your child is interested in and using it as the basis for their learning activities.

For example, a child interested in cars might read books about transportation and watch You Tube videos about electric energy.

The interest itself defines the educational choices in your homeschool.


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interest-led and strength based


What Is Strength Based Learning?

Strength based learning certainly includes interest as a part of the approach, but it based on a more holistic look at the child.

Three factors typically make up a strength-based approach:

  1. Academic subjects of natural strength
  2. Interests
  3. Learning Style (i.e. visual, tactile, auditory, etc..)

Strength based learning combines the three and then uses them for a large majority of the learning.

Essentially, the formula for strength based learning looks something like this:

Academic Ares Of Strength + Interests Of Child + Child’s Learning Style = A Strength Based Approach To Learning


interest-led and strength based


Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast #126 : What Is The Difference Between Interest-Led and Strength- Based Learning?

Join us in this episode where we answer this question in much more depth and provide concrete examples of strength-based learning in practice.


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