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How to Recover from a Bad Homeschool Day

All homeschool moms have had those days. In fact, most of us have had quite a few bad homeschooling days.

Last week, we had a rough day in a big (and I mean *explosively big*) way, and I decided it was important to tell you about it.

The Haunting Questions of a Bad Homeschool Day

What do you do when you’ve had a tough day – the kind of day where where everything seems to go wrong or take extra time, and by the end of the day you realize you’ve accomplished little or no school work? One of those days where you’re wondering if your kids might just be better off in public school because you feel like you’re failing them in a hundred different ways?

I’m going to tell you about my day that went just about like that.

I’m not just showing up to whine and vent (though sometimes you need that, too). I’m here to tell you about my difficult day because I know what it’s like to only see the highlight reel of people’s lives on social media.

We don’t want to air our family members’ dirty laundry in public. And we want to show how proud we are of our kids. That’s natural! But it means that Instagram can be a very narrow peek at only certain aspects of someone’s life, and not the complete picture.

It might leave you wondering if you’re alone. Maybe other homeschool moms don’t have such crazy-bad days? Maybe you chose the wrong homeschooling method? Maybe you were kidding yourself when you thought you could handle this whole homeschooling gig in the first place!

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Surviving the Winter Doldrums

Why does it seem like we have more of these tough homeschool days in January and February? Is it the bad weather? The lack of sunshine? The fact that we’re all cooped up inside?

Maybe the cold and dark put us in bad mood, or maybe they just cloud our perspective on the most important things. Whatever the case, the winter months can sometimes be the most challenging for homeschool parents.

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The Best Way to Handle Those Really Bad Days

No matter what the time of year, we can all use a little bit of encouragement and some helpful ideas for how to get everyone’s bad mood back on the right path. Since we’re all going to have those rough days, we might as well develop our emotional resilience and get good at learning how to bounce back from the bad moods, the missed lesson plans. And yes, even the explosions!

The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode #183 – How to Recover from a Bad Homeschool Day

If you are feeling like a homeschool failure, if you’ve hit the winter doldrums slump of the school year and you’re wondering if you’re ruining your children, I have just the message you need to hear. I’m sharing a cringe-worthy disaster that happened in my own kitchen … and how I used that unexpected event to remind myself of important strategies for emotional resilience when I feel like we’ve hit a wall. Listen in to what I’m saying to myself. I bet you’ll be encouraged, too!


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