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Books to Help Kids Learn about Geology

We’ve been on a geology kick lately. The kids are exploring rocks, minerals, gemstones, and fossils, and I’m even teaching a group of pre-k kiddos all about it at our homeschool co-op. It’s been so interesting.


These geology books are great to use as educational resources and fun read alouds! Check them out and let me know which favorites are missing from the list. #Geology #Greatbooks


If you haven’t read it yet, take a few minutes to read The Best Homeschool Geology Study Ever, where you will find ways to teach your homeschoolers about geology. Even though geology hasn’t always been my favorite subject, this unit study has started cultivating a love for all things geology in the kids.

I thought it would be fun to extend the new-found love of rocks, and bring you a list of books to help kids learn about geology!

You will find both educational and fiction geology books on the list. Let’s dig in and check out these rockin’ geology books…

Educational Geology Books

These geology books are great to use as educational resources. They are all full of information and have fantastic photographs.

Rocks & Minerals Pocket Guide: Keep this handy little book safe in your pocket while rock hounding. It has everything needed to identify different rocks and minerals.

Dirtmeister’s Nitty Gritty Planet Earth: This book has it all. From rocks to fossils, kids will be able to get hands-on with everything having to do with geology.

Rock Collecting for Kids: Start the love of rocks early with a little help from this book that is geared towards kids who are just starting their rock collection.

The Rock and Gem Book: The photos in this book are AMAZING! You wouldn’t expect anything less from the Smithsonian, right? Along with their stunning photos, you will also find some pretty incredible facts about rocks, gems, and other wonders of the world.

Rocks, Fossils, and Arrowheads: This geology book has activities your rock hounds can complete for a better understanding of how to identify rocks and how they are made.

Roadside Geology: Use this book series as a traveling guide for rocks. There are several books to choose from according to your state of travel. Great way to keep kids busy on those long road trips.



Geology Storybooks

The geology books below are based on geology but are also fictional. They would make fantastic bedtime stories.

Arnold and Louis Reach for the Stars: An adventure awaits Arnold and Louis when a meteorite lands by Arnold’s home. How will they get the meteorite back home again? This geology book goes to show you that not every rock you find is from planet earth.

Ricky, The Rock that Couldn’t Roll: Poor Ricky… he can’t roll like all of the other rocks. Pick up this book to see how Ricky overcomes being different than the other rocks on the block.

Charlotte and the Rock: Charlotte asked her parents for a pet. As she thought about what kind of pet she would receive, lots of ideas came to mind. Maybe it was a dog or maybe a fish? Instead, she got a rock. This adorable story will bring the true meaning of being a pet owner to life. It also highlights how fun a simple rock can be.

Grand Canyon: Although this book is full of facts about the Grand Canyon, a portion of it is fictional. There are two characters in the book, a dad and daughter, who head out to explore the Grand Canyon. Along the way, they find some pretty incredible evidence on how the Grand Canyon was formed, how rocks have changed over the years, and many more facts readers will devour.

Everybody Needs a Rock: This story is about a rock hound who has some very specific advice on how to pick the perfect rock. A great story that you initially think is meant for rock hunting, but the character’s ideas could also be applied to the choices we make in life.

Jurassic Poop: Yep! Dinosaur poop is part of geology! Boy did this just get exciting (for the kids of course!) or what!



To discover even more fantastic geology finds, head on over to our Gift Guide for Young Geology Lovers and Rockhounds where you will find even more ways to dig into geology!