Code Your World - 4-H National Youth Science Day

Code Your World | 4-H National Youth Science Day

My daughter was asking me the other day about 4-H — a few friends of hers participate in various activities and she was interested in learning more. Truthfully, I didn’t know much about 4-H when she asked me about it, and like so many people out there, assumed that participants in 4-H clubs worked with farm animals.

How wrong I was…

Once I started digging into the offerings, I saw things like robotics, sewing, photography, fitness, theater, and even coding. In fact, throughout the month of October, more than 150,000 kids across the country will be participating in National Youth Science Day events. This is an annual initiative that inspires kids take an interest in STEM topics through hands-on experiences.


Code Your World - 4-H National Youth Science Day~It’s important to give our kids STEM experiences. And, the 4-H Code Your World kits are a perfect way to do that and have fun at the same time! #science #4H #YouthScienceDay #homeschooling #homeschoolscienceThis post was sponsored by the National 4-H Council as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.


And we will too.

Friends, it’s so important to be immersing our kiddos in all sorts of STEM experiences. Our world is STEM-y, and there’s so much more to it than just basic coding. But that’s a great place to start. And, 4-H has these great Code Your World kits that you can use with a classroom, club, homeschool co-op, or just your own family.  This year, with the Code Your World kits, kids will be encouraged to get involved in computer science. It was developed by Google and West Virginia University Extension Service — the four-part challenge that teaches kids computer science through fun activities like digital animation, gaming, and dance.

Kids need to create technology — not just consume it. Learning computer science skills not only help our kiddos understand their world, but it will help them find success in the careers of tomorrow. The hands-on activities in the kit teach kids skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and resiliency. Through the “Animate a Name” activity, kids will get on the computer and use their skills to bring a name to life on-screen using colors, music, and animation.


Code Your World - 4-H National Youth Science Day


We’re really looking forward to diving deeply into this kit and participating in the 4-H National Youth Science Day. So much so, in fact, that the kids couldn’t wait to dive in and check some of the materials out as soon as we got the kit in the mail.

Don’t forget to order your kit and join us in October. It’s going to be so much fun!


This video was created in partnership with National 4-H Council I received a complimentary Code your World Kit and compensation, but all opinions are my own