The Power of Connecting with Your Kids in Homeschooling

If you want to have an amazing homeschool and to create an environment where your kids can thrive, building a strong relationship with them is key. 

Truly, you can never overdo the connection with your kids!

We, as parents, can often get caught up in the academics of homeschooling and forget that we can always catch up on the school stuff. We can remediate, find tutors, and explore extra learning resources whenever it’s necessary, but if we neglect our relationships with our kids or damage their self-esteem, learning won’t happen. 

Many of us — parents of differently-wired kiddos — chose homeschooling because something wasn’t working right in traditional schools. Relationships were being strained, and self-esteem was suffering. So, it’s essential to make sure we don’t repeat those mistakes in our own homeschools.

When thinking about kiddos who are neurodivergent, those who struggle with anxiety, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, or other challenges, it’s important to imagine how overwhelming it must be for them to go through life in a constant state of stress. 

Or kids need to feel safe, secure, and loved in order to learn and be happy. 

So we, as homeschool parents, need to connect with them on a deep level. We need to be our kids’ person, their safe haven.

It’s up to us to forge that secure and respected place for our kids. We need to build trust and always be there for them. Sometimes, it can be as simple as rubbing their back and telling them, “You’re okay, I’m here, you’re safe.” We all need that safe place and that person, right? So, parents, we need to be that person for our kids.

By being there and connecting with our kids consistently, we will build trust. And when something big happens, they will turn to us because they know we’re always there for them. We become their person, the one who understands their triggers and helps them navigate through anxiety and stress. We can identify the situations that create those hard and negative feelings, and work to mitigate them or prepare our kids ahead of time. 

Our support is invaluable.

In this week’s podcast episode, I share a personal example of an interaction with my anxious 13-year-old daughter. During a piano lesson, I got caught up in conversations with others at the studio, leaving Logan alone downstairs with her instructor for her lesson. It wasn’t a huge problem as we’ve been going to this music school for a long time, know the instructor personally, and love her. But, Logan is used to me coming down before the lesson ends. Right before she was expected back upstairs, I ran to use the restroom, telling the person at the desk to let Logan know I’d be right back and to wait for me. 

When Logan finally came back upstairs, she seemed nervous, but the front desk person gave her a reassuring wink and let her know I would be back. 

It was a small gesture, but it reassured Logan that she was safe and I hadn’t disappeared. We later discussed the situation, and I helped Logan understand that there was no danger, just a simple restroom visit.

This story illustrates how our connection and presence can help ease our children’s anxieties. By being there for them, we create a sense of safety and security. It’s about showing up, being present, and reassuring our kids. They need to know that we’re their constant and that we will always be there no matter what.

This week, make it a priority to connect with your kids on a deep level. 

Be their safe haven, their person. 

Listen, support, and guide them through their challenges. 

When you build strong relationships, not only do your kids flourish, but your homeschool thrives as well. 

Remember, academics can always be caught up, but the connection we build with our kids is priceless.

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