Create a Custom Homeschool

Many of us homeschool moms began this homeschooling journey in the first place because we knew our quirky and differently-wired kiddos needed something unique to support their academic success. Maybe traditional school wasn’t a good fit for your students.

Certainly one of the main benefits of homeschooling is the opportunity to tailor your schedule and course of study to your child’s needs. But it’s also important for you and your kiddos to have the opportunity to connect with other homeschool families.

The Importance of Homeschool Community

When you began homeschooling, you might have heard a lot about different homeschool styles. Are you Charlotte Mason? Classical or traditional? Eclectic homeschoolers? Emphasis on hands-on learning? And while those categories can certainly help you think through your philosophy of education and perhaps even help you develop your homeschool schedule, there’s more to the homeschool lifestyle than daily lesson plans.

Homeschool mamas and homeschool kiddos need to have opportunities to connect with their peers. It’s great if you can find a homeschool co-op or other homeschool group or activities that are a good fit for your kids.

But what if the option you’re looking for doesn’t exist?

What If I Can't Find Friends For My Child (or me)?

Create the Ideal Homeschool Experience

Of course, we’d love to welcome your kids into The Learner’s Lab – and online space for homeschool community, thinking challenges, and even support for you, the homeschool parent.

the learners lab for gifted kids

But what if you really need in-person time and connection? What if you know of the ideal homeschool co-op model, but it’s in a town too far away to drive to on a weekly basis? What if the things your kids are curious about, interested in, or craving just aren’t available in the programs or activities offered in your geographic area?

Finding Community For Your Atypical Child

The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode #188 – Create a Custom Homeschool

In today’s episodes of the Raising Lifelong Learners podcast, we’re talking about what to do if they homeschool opportunities your kiddos need just don’t exist – or at least don’t exist in your local area. I’m sharing tons of tips for creating what it is that your kids need if it isn’t already available, and even a variety of suggestions for what that might look like and how to to find your people locally to make this idea a reality!

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