Parenting in the Moment with Your Child

One of my favorite tips to share with homeschooling families and families of differently-wired kiddos is the importance of parenting in the moment – being fully present with our kiddos…even if you’re a mom who’s juggling all the plates and has laundry spilling over in the living room!

Intentional Parenting And Homeschooling

The best part of this strategy is that it allows for quality time that can change everything about your life as a homeschooler. Being a more present parent is one of the simple things that you can do to be a safe place for your child and grow well-adjusted adults.

None of us are the perfect parent, but you can become a parent who is more intentional about parenting. A homeschool mom, who is more intentional about homeschooling. A working parent who is more intentional about your work.

I get it. We’re all busy parents. I am a mom who wears many, many hats. 

Focusing on the Most Important Things in Meaningful Ways

I’m a kind of college counselor right now because my oldest son is going to a community college nearby. He’s still living at home while navigating this new trajectory. The school structure is new for him and I’m counseling him through it.

I’m also a chauffeur to my very busy daughter who takes private acting, dance, and voice lessons. She is in an acapella group and then performs in musicals throughout the year on top of a full high school schedule.

I have two children, a young teen and tween, that I’m still making the schedule for. Then on top of that, I put on my household management hat where I’m managing all of the different things in the house.

I am also a working mom who is a freelance writer. I am an author. I am a speaker. I consult and coach parents who are homeschooling neurodiverse kiddos. I have an online learning community where I teach classes, mentor kids, and teach social and emotional skills.

I wear so many hats. On top of all of this, I’m homeschooling my children. 

Showing Up In Our Homeschools

The Best Ways to Give Them Your Full Attention

The only way I know to get it all done in a way that actually leads to some level of sanity and success, is to be present in the moment for whatever that moment calls for. Whatever the moment is, you’re all in, whether that means giving your kids your undivided attention or just finding better ways to take control of my time.

A big part of this is choosing how you want your homeschooling experience to be. It’s being intentional. 

What do you want your kids to think about homeschooling? What do you want their homeschooling experience to be? Choose how you want that to look and then work on it, set an intention for the day or for the week and show up that way.

Take a deep breath. When things get difficult, respond with peace, not anger.

Notice little things, be curious about what’s going on in your homeschool, and then find ways to make it look the way you want it to look.

Showing Up In Our Homeschools

The Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast Episode #189 – Parenting in the Moment with Your Child

It isn’t easy being a mom of differently wired kiddos and being fully present while still juggling all of the other responsibilities of adult life as well as homeschooling. In today’s podcast episode I’ll share some more detailed strategies for how you can carve out that intentional time with your children and give them the best of yourself even when you have a lot of other responsibilities to manage!

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