Games to Help Improve Your Kid’s Emotional Intelligence

We all want our kids to develop a strong emotional intelligence. Let’s give them a hand by using play to strengthen their skills.

Since we know that emotions can be overwhelming for kids, it’s our job to give them the tools they need to cope with the ups and downs they will experience. Emotions can easily take over without a plan in place. Learning through play is a fantastic way to teach new techniques to kids. Let’s get to it with these games.

Here are my favorite games to help improve your kid’s emotional intelligence.

Emotions can take over without a plan in place. Learning through play is a fantastic way to teach new techniques to kids. Let's get to it with these games. Raising Lifelong Learners #games #giftedness #giftedchildren #emotionalintelligence #homeschooling #homeschoolfun


Games to Help Improve Your Kid’s Emotional Intelligence

The Emotional Intelligence Game: Work together in a co-operative mode or play separately for a classic board game experience. Whichever way to choose to play this game it will help kids understand self-awareness, empathy, mood management, and more.

Friends and Neighbors The Helping Game: This cooperative game helps players recognize how they can help in a variety of situations. The game prompts players to help with realistic scenarios.

What Do I Do?: Use this card game to help kids prepare themselves for any social situation. The cards have a social situation on one side and helpful tips on the other. This game is perfect for visual learners.

What Would You Do At School If… : Emotions can run high at school. Let’s give our kids the resources they need to navigate through all of those social situations.

The Insight Game: If your kids have issues sharing their thoughts and feelings this is a great game to help them open up about what is on their hearts and minds.

Self Control Thumball: Have you seen this game before? There are a few different Thumball Games to choose from, but this one has a focus of self-control. Throw the ball, catch it, and react to the phrase under your thumb. This is a great way to promote team building within your family or classroom.


Emo Moogy: This game is aimed towards younger kids. It gives them an opportunity to recognize feelings through play. Use puzzle pieces to pair facial expressions with their emotions.

You Know: Explore emotions while reflecting on reactions in different situations. This card game strengthens emotional intelligence through self-esteem boosters and positive reinforcement.

The Art of Children’s Conversation: Those little minds are full of so much knowledge, creativity, and individual characteristics. Unlock it all by provoking conversation with a little help from this card game.

Social Skills Board Games: This set includes 6 board games to teach kids about morals, manners, empathy, friendship, showing emotions, and managing emotions.


Balancing education by teaching emotional intelligence is so important for kids! Especially now, when the world seems to lay heavy on their shoulders. These games will help kids through the roller coaster ride that emotions can bring into our lives.

How do you build emotional intelligence with your kids?