Using Time4Learning to Homeschool When You Think You Can’t

When it was first announced that schools would be closed for the remainder of the school year, my inbox became flooded. Suddenly parents who’d never homeschooled, who’d never considered homeschooling, who never thought they could homeschool, were homeschooling. I get messages from new homeschoolers pretty frequently, so many that I’ve even created a crash course to help equip homeschooling parents, but the influx of new homeschooling parents was like an avalanche. Parents wanted to know how best to homeschool their children, and I have been more than happy to help.

The world as we know it has changed, and as this pandemic has swept across the world parents have begun to think differently about their childrens’ education. Some have seen how well their children do in a more comfortable environment, some are wary of regulations or reinfections, and some parents have just fallen in love with the flexibility of having their children home. With the surge of homeschool appreciation, however, has come the voices of those who, for various reasons, just cannot homeschool. Thanks to Time4Learning, however, it’s actually possible. 



Maybe you’re a single parent, tasked with providing for your kiddos and unable to quit your job in order to stay home and instruct. Perhaps you work from home, either temporarily or long-term, and simply do not have the time to spare during the day to teach literature in between conference calls. Maybe you struggle with illness, injury, or a twice-exceptionality of your own. Or maybe you’re just overwhelmed and feeling insecure, unsure of your own abilities to educate your children. There are many scenarios that come up that tend to make homeschooling seem impossible for many families, but with a program like Time4Learning, you can enjoy the flexibility and benefits of homeschool, without having to quit your job, stay up all night, or pull your hair out piecing together a curriculum. is a complete curriculum, from preschool to pre-cal, that is completed online. No books to order, no lessons to plan, no chalkboards required. Concepts are presented using instructional videos that often use humor, or even animation, with printable worksheets and fun assessments. Parents have the ability to customize a curriculum for their student and can even select varying grade levels for different subjects, making it perfect for gifted kiddos. 

If your child has some special needs or requires a little more work on some subject, Time4Learning is also able to provide quality education and accommodation. 

Time4Learning provides all you need to facilitate your child’s homeschool education – including progress reports and transcriptions. The program literally teaches, grades, and transcripts for you!

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Because Time4Learning works as a self-paced program, kids are able to quickly work through concepts they grasp without wasting time and energy on repetition and review. Students can also take extra time, whenever needed, if they’re struggling or needing some more practice. 

Students are able to work independently, completing their school work completely on their own if that’s what fits your lifestyle best. Whether you’re working next to them or in an office across town, your kiddos can be working and engaging in quality, challenging curriculum. 

With everything in one place, there is no need to upend your lifestyle, quit your job, or earn multiple teaching certificates to feel like you can adequately educate your children at home. You really can do this!

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If you’ve noticed the benefits of homeschooling or have felt the tug towards home education, but worry that your lifestyle doesn’t allow for it, check out Time4Learning. The flexibility of the program is a perfect compliment to the flexibility and independence so many families crave. Whether you’re working or worried that you can’t do this, takes care of all your child’s academic needs and makes it possible to homeschool without requiring more of you than you can spare. 

If you feel you have no margins in your life, if you feel that the decision to homeschool has been made for you by your circumstances, if you just really are too intimidated to take the leap, then Time4Learning is the perfect choice. By utilizing an online program that packages all subjects, lessons, and grading together, your kiddos will be able to learn all they need to, at their own pace, anywhere you like. The work is done for you so that you can keep working.

Homeschooling is a wonderful, beneficial adventure that has seen my children thrive. With the Time4Learning program, it’s an adventure your family can take, too.