Games to Help Kids Control Their Temper

Games to Help Kids Control Their Anger

When it comes to the powerful emotion, anger, things can get a little bumpy. Usually, this stems from the fear of not knowing. Instead of living in a state of wonder (I wonder if….. I wonder when…. I wonder how…..), let’s give our kids the tools they need to process, control, and direct their anger.

One way to teach coping skills is by playing games. Sounds simple enough right? Hey, this could even be fun!

Games to Help Kids Control Their Temper

Games with a Focus on Controlling Anger

The following games have a very specific focus, learning how to control anger through conversation, examples, and tips. Although they all concentrate on learning how to handle anger, each one has their own unique twist. Pick the games that you think would benefit your kids the most.

Temper Tamers in a Jar: This convenient little jar holds real life solutions that help kids process their anger in a positive way. The set includes 4 different types of cards; Share, Act, Tips, and Do’s. Each one provides an opportunity to discuss options, choices, and solutions to situations that can provoke anger.

Mad Dragon Card Game: Use this card game as a way to prompt kids into conversations about anger. With cards that start with phrases such as I feel, When you, it will be easy to discuss anger as a normal emotion with your kids.

Anger Defuser: Based off of the board game Clue, you will find that this anger management game is wrapped up in a mystery. With two different decks geared towards kids and teens, it is easy to solve the mystery together all while learning how to tame your anger.

Thoughts & Feelings Card Game: If you have younger kids, this set of cards would be perfect for them. Each card has colorful drawings along with a writing prompt that can help navigate through all the emotions that anger brings.



Board Games that Teach Patience & Understanding

All board games, regardless of their focus, give us the opportunity to teach our kids about anger. When things don’t go your way, or when you lose a turn or even the game, anger can be a natural reaction. When this happens talk to your kids about how it’s perfectly okay to feel upset or mad, but the way you react to it is what matters.

Here are a few games that are some of our all time favorites. From playing these games, our kids have learned how to process anger in a positive way.

Sorry!: The goal of this game is to get your players all the way around the board, and safe at home before they are knocked out by your opponent. Chances are someone will draw the Sorry! card and your opportunity to redirect an angry attitude will rise. Once you get back to the game, get ready for some healthy competition, because this game is a ton of fun to play with kids of all ages.

Battleship: You can’t win them all, especially if your opponent blows up your battleship. It can also be very frustrating when you cannot locate the other person’s battleship. Great way to teach patience and perseverance.

Suspend: Teamwork, balance, and a plan of action come into play with this game. It is a great way for kids to learn how to work together, instead of against each other.

Monopoly: Monopoly games have lasted multiple days in my home. They can become very intense, long, and in-depth. Before you let your kids get too far along, make sure they have outlined the rules just in case there is a conflict, it will be easier to resolve.



Between angry focused board games, some all-time board game classics, and books to help kids learn about anger, we have several tools that can help us teach kids how to process anger.

What board games do you use to help your kids? How have they helped? Feel free to add any tips or questions to the comments below!